Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Tid Bits ...

  • My mother-in-law came up on Saturday night to visit with Beatrice Kate. Casey and I took advantage of the free babysitting and had a hot date went to Target and Whole Foods. What? When you're childless, you better capitalize! Even if it's not sexy.
  • Even though it's been "chilly" (and by chilly I mean, below 75 degrees) for barely a week now, I'm already dreaming of all things fall. In these dreams, I'm seeing fun scarves, stews and candied apples. 
  • Oh, and pumpkin ale. Which, to my luck, became a reality when Husby brought home a 6-er of Harvest Time Ale from local brewery, Big Boss. It was delish.
  • I signed up and received my first BirchBox this weekend. For $10, I'd say it was worth it. I'll do a post on it next month, when I remember to take photos of the contents. But for now, I'll just tell you: it was filled with fun and quirky samples, including a weird pea green nail polish that my toddler insisted she try out. And then, spent the rest of the day calling her feet "Monster Toes". That was worth $10 alone.
  • I had a birth last week. This was a particularly long one and for some reason, I can't seem to shake out of the resulting sleepiness. Maybe I'm getting old...
  • Bedtimes around here have been HORRIBLE. Seriously. Bea used to be so easy to rock down and now? It's a 45 minute battle-of-the-wills that involves a lot of stalling, a lot of rocking, a lot of singing (which by the way, she's very selective in her song preferences) and unfortunately, a lot of tantrum throwing. We're at a loss for how to make this better. Aside from strapping her into her bed for the night (which by the way, we never actually considered yet).
  • Our old dog, Arnold, was recently diagnosed with "Dog Alzheimer's" Yep. So that's happening. And it goes a little of the way towards explaining his insistence on pooping in the floor when he has a giant backyard instead...poor Casey.
  • Bea is taking a dance class. It's possibly the cutest thing in the world. More on that later this week.
  • I'm thinking about doing a "week in the life of" series of posts this week or next. Is that something that would be interesting? Mostly, I'm curious (as I'm sure my husband is) where all my time goes each day... Maybe if I start recording it here, I'll find a way to make better use of it.


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  1. Do it. And maybe I'll do it with you. Need something to make me sit down and update the blog! (BirchBox- hahaha you are such a blogger!) ;)