Thursday, August 9, 2012

Week in Review (Instagram-ed)

Since we FINALLY got "the good iPhone" fixed (and by "good" I mean "still not a new one, only the 3GS I got last fall, that Casey left on top of the car and the screen was shattered)... and seeing as I take 2 million photos on it each week, I thought I might start doing a weekly review of our week, as seen through our Instagram Lens.

If you do the same thing, include a link to your weekly review photos in the comments and I'll post a link-up if we get a good response!

(Oh, and you can follow us on Instagram @lifewithbusybea)

So here goes...

Besties for Life: Arnold and Bea were meant for each other since birth
At the Splash Pad and managed to never get wet (but there were bubbles, so it's all okay)
Mitt Romney has no chance of being voted in as president if he can't get his constituents' names right! What's so hard about Beatrice Kate? It's a double first name people!!!
Oh Hipsters. I'm pretty sure something is considered inherently uncool if it's in a book at A.C. Moore, guys.
What happens when you refuse to nap? We go to the Farmers Market for ice cream, of course! Also- when did she grow up into this big girl?
Nature walk on Ellerbe Creek Trail, checking to make sure Daddy and Mommy are close behind
This photo has a metaphor in it somewhere, I'm sure of it. Also? I die from those pigtails. SO. CUTE.
Nature Walk Finds are too big for little girl hands. Solution? Daddy Pockets. Of course!
Tiny hands and lots of treasure.
And because it's so cute... how about a video of My Sweetness refusing to share ice cream with her Mama:

Have a fun weekend!


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