Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sending Hugs via USPS

We don't live in the same cities as Bea's grandparents. In fact, it's likely that most kids now a days don't. But that doesn't mean we don't walk about them all. the. time. So, when I saw this blog post about sending a hug in an envelope, I knew we had a craft on our hands (one that Mama could actually do).

We even had a giant roll of easel paper from IKEA sitting around, like it was waiting on this project! Bea was on board immediately:
This is SO FUNNY mommy.

I'm pretty sure this was the most fun part of the entire thing for her. She's now taking to putting random body parts on her chalkboard and asks to "trace it". It's much easier this way:
The tracing results were... cartoonish at best:

But it didn't deter Bea from adding her own special touches to make it look a little more like the real thing:
A bow is a must to tame her "Wild Gypsy Hair"
Getting the perfect placement is tricky ...
Then she spent most of the afternoon and early evening adding a little touch here and there:

Seriously, these feet... when did she turn into a teenager?
Concentration is key.
 Daddy was even recruited when he got home from work for his creative influence:

Instructing Daddy takes patience sometimes.
After a few final touches (like nail polish and a snake sticker, of course):
Lookin' Good.
She declared it "All Done" so we cut it out (as best we could, without disrupting any of her artistic process):
The resemblance is uncanny- said no one ever.
And folded in the arms, ready for a hug:
Kind of like a bear hug, only creepier.
Then added a personal note:
My poetic toddler. She's talented, huh?

And mailed it away:
The grandparents were... confused I think. But, overall, were excited to receive another piece of original Busy Bea artwork to add to their fridge gallery.



  1. Hey - continuity issues! That ain't the same hug all the way through! Explanation! :)