Friday, August 24, 2012

Our week, Instagramed ...

Let's close out the week in style; even if most everyone will be long gone from their computers for the weekend, but still. I have a lot of Instagram Photos and I want to share them, darn it.

So here goes ...
Helping Daddy at the Home Depot. And by helping, I mean commandeering the cart from him
Having lunch with Daddy. And seriously, can I get an AMEN on how beautiful this kiddo's eyelashes are?
Picnicking at Duke Gardens to burn off energy pre-nap.
But it was hot and humid, so Bea had to stay hydrated. With my water bottle, of course.
Painting her heart's desire at Bull City Craft's Preschool Playcraft
Pack Leader? Yea, clearly. I think we can tell who's really in charge here, huh?
Checking out her new "school shoes" which of course, she picked out. She chose the "Farkly" ones (sparkly)
Those pig tails... No matter how big she grows someday, this is how I will always remember her in my Mama Heart.
Testing out the jump-ability and stomp-ability of her new shoes. They passed.
And here are two videos from a recent trip to Petsmart, which Bea calls "the zoo". She's taken a new interest in the kitties up for adoption... Daddy has not yet been persuaded though:


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  1. Jessica always feels the need to bring home a new one as well. I'm lucky my current cat would disown us if we brought home another kitten, it keeps my needs to bring home small fluffy things in check.