Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Tid Bits ...

  • I bought new running shoes this weekend. And by running shoes, I really mean "mostly-for-walking-and-some-bike-communiting" shoes. They're neat and they're made to make my feet feel barefoot. It's TBD if that's a good thing or not.
  • I told my doula client-turned-friend-and-neighbor (the one who is determined to turn me into a running lover) that I bought said shoes (and some workout pants that actually fit), and she texted back, "Yes! Yes! Yes! When do you want to get started". WTH have I done?
  • How have I just now discovered the awesome-ness of the band FUN. ? They're super quirky, which we all know I'm a fan of, and have recently secured a spot on my new minted "Cardio Mix" iTunes list.
  • Yea, so, that same list might also have Justin Beiber's song "Boyfriend" on it. Deal with it. I'm a closet Beliber. 
  • I just ordered and received a really awesome breastfeeding video to show my clients at postpartum visits. While screening it last week, Bea climbed up on the couch to "watch babies snuggle their mamas". I nearly melted into the couch from cuteness overload.
  • Speaking of Busy Bea, girlfriend starts going to Parent's Morning Out next week for TWO DAYS a week! That's 8 glorious hours I'll have to myself to do fun, mommy things like go to the gym and get a pedicure clean the house and go grocery shopping un "assisted".
  • We're in the process of turning our office (which used to be used to house the dogs, who have been moved into the living room) into an office/guest room combo. But before that happens, my husband has to sort through some of his textbooks to make room for a futon/guestbed. This a really hard task for a hoarder for him. 
  • Want proof? He's been tasked with paring down his book collection for over two weeks, this is as far as he's gotten in that time:
At this rate, you might find my body under a stack of old Engineering Textbooks some day
  • God, I love this man- but he loves books with a fierce passion. This is a problem for families who live in small houses... you know, like OURS.


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