Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Tid Bits

How about a tid bit post? Good? Ok, 'cause it's happening:

- Tomorrow! Finally! I'm sending out this giant packet of information, heading straight for DONA International:
What's this? Oh, just my completed BIRTH DOULA CERTIFICATION PACKET!! It's been nearly 10 months from start to finish since I began my journey to become a certified doula. There aren't words to tell you how excited (and relieved) I am to send this off (and to get it off my office floor!).

Aside from checking something off my 30 by 30 list (which trust me, gives me great joy in and of itself); this is a legit dream of mine- to help women through labor. It's my calling and I am 100% certain of that.

- Speaking of Doula stuff, I'm setting up a vendor table for Little Bee Birth Partner at a local consignment sale tomorrow and Saturday (which, btw, if you're local- stop in because they have GREAT stuff this year).

It's the first time I'll ever have "marketed" my little business, so I'm kinda nervous. What if no one stops by? What if no one wants more information?!? What if no one enters my raffle? I'll be the Vendor Outcast!! Self-doubt aside, if no one stops by, it won't be because my table isn't awesome. Here's a peak at some of things my vendor table will offer:
Why yes, I am raffling off a Moby Wrap. Care to stop in and enter?
- I'll also have a few (three) of my new canvas bags to give away as a marketing tool at the table:
My MIL suggested I try these fancy labels that you can iron onto things (like canvas bags)... and guess what?!? It was a perfect idea. I usually give my clients a big bag of samples and coupons and things, but I was using white paper bags. Now, they can reuse the bags AND I can get some extended free advertising! It's a win-win!

- And that 30 by 30 list? What the &*#@^% was I thinking putting things on there like "do a triathlon" and "run in a Turkey Trot at Thanksgiving"? Aside from the fact that, Uhhhh, Thanksgiving is in like 4 months and I'm about as in shape as a sea lion... I should have known that my blog followers would keep me honest.

And by "blog followers" I mean, "Julie", a past-doula-client-turned-friend who is also a neighbor. She's a maniac runner and has been itching to teach me to love running for a while now. I just added fuel to her Ashley Running Mission. Her husband Ryan said when she was done with me, I would in turn love running so much- I would want to also teach others to love it. Kind of like a pyramid scheme. Except instead of Mary Kay products, you get... well, probably a heart attack because I'm so out of shape.

-We took Bea to a Durham Bulls Game this weekend with my Aunt Sue.
Sue wants to move to Durham (awesome) and Bea wants Wool E. Bull to be our family pet (not awesome). After the game, Bea was incredibly concerned about Wool E. Bull's reaction to the fireworks. She spent nearly the entire walk back to the car asking, "Wooly Bully is ok? Wooly Bully is scared of fireworks?" Then she wanted to make sure that if, in fact, he was scared that he had adequate comforting. "Wooly Bully will have a pillow in his Big Boy Bed?" and "Wooly Bully has a lovey like Bea Bea?" Her concern and empathy for a mascot were so sweet.

- Busy Bea has been a Daddy's Girl this past few weekends. She's even upped the Guilt Factor by tacking on the phrase, "My" to "Daddy". For example, she'll ask, "Can my Daddy read a story with me" or "My Daddy will snuggle with me" or my favorite, "My Daddy will play doll house with me".



  1. If Julie gets you too interested in running just let me have a few minutes with you.... *laughs* I'll break you of that delightful habit. hahaha Don't listen to me. You can do it! :)

  2. Love the random tidbits. And you will do AWESOME at your booth. I just know it!