Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Jail Break

About a month ago, we moved Beatrice Kate into her "big girl bed". By "big girl bed" I mean we just took the front of her crib off and voila! Presto Toddler Bed!

Aside from the first night in it, she didn't fall out. She didn't climb out after being put to bed. She didn't leave her room, until we opened her door in the morning. We figured ourselves to be a couple regular geniuses for somehow thwarting the Crazy Toddler Bed Stories every parent hears.

"Oh, our toddler?," we'd ask our friends. "Oh, our toddler sleeps 15 hours straight and doesn't peek a toe out of her bed until we go into get her."

And then, this happened:

Oh, that "clickity-click-click" sound you hear in the beginning of the video is the sound of Bea outsmarting us... THE ADULTS IN THE HOUSEHOLD. Once she realized she could break out, the goose was on the loose. Bed time? Hours long. Wake up times? Hello 7 a.m. Naptime? Unthinkable now.

Determined to stop her from getting up 6,000 times a night to come stare at us while we sleep (besides being way creepy, it's probably unsafe to have an unsupervised toddler with free reign over a moonlit household), I invested in some safety hardware for her door knob.

And in about .00002 seconds, this happened:

At first I thought my mind was playing tricks on me. I *just* put her down for nap with the newly installed door guard. Surely, she hasn't made an escape attempt yet and I can at least get in an episode of Pretty Little Liars, right? Wrong.

My 2 year old freakin' genius kid engineered her way right through that lock (I'm blaming her father for his DNA contribution on this). Oh, and the packaging?

I'm sure they weren't intending said child to defeat it instantly, right?


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