Monday, August 20, 2012

Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks ...

You might recall, we took Bea to a Durham Bulls Game recently. If you're not from North Carolina, or more specifically, from the Triangle, you may not be familiar with the awesomeness of Triple A Durham Bulls Baseball.

It's an establishment here in Durham and more often than not, if you live in the Bull City- you're an avid Bulls Fan. If you've ever seen the movie Bull Durham you'd understand why. It was filmed here after all and we're fame whores like that!

Thankfully- Beatrice Kate was pleasantly accepting of this city-wide citizenship requirement. In fact, she not only accepted the fact that she was expected to love Bulls Baseball... she loved it. Or rather, she loved the food.
What's that you're having Daddy? Can we share?

Seriously, we were there for the entire game and I think we might have seen oh, 2 innings total. The rest of the time? We spent walking around the stadium, finding something else for a "snack".
Taking the Bird's Eye View to scout for potential snacks.

Normally, the kiddo is a very healthy eater, so we figured- hey, why not let her indulge a little. Clearly, we need to learn to set limits because she started off by pre-gaming with a hotdog:
Oh, that second hotdog isn't for me? LAME.

Then added potato chips:
Technically, it's a vegetable you guys.

And then she snaked a few tortilla chips from Aunt Sue:
You cannot resist my charms... hand over the tortillas...

And the moved on to peanuts:
The Peanut Gallery.
"No. I'll do it myself" said toddlers everywhere.

Oh, the peanuts! She spent literally an hour deshelling and eating peanuts:
Just a couple more ought to do it ...

I'm not sure which she thought was more fun- eating peanuts or dropping and smashing their shells into the concrete:

Small Motor Skills of a neurosurgeon. With the patience of one too.

At least their biodegradable right? And come on, who could deny this face a little piece of Americana Happiness? Not I:
I know this photo is blurry, but my God, is she cute or what?
Even if we have to sing "Take me out to the Ball Game" over and over and over as a result ...


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  1. Jessica would probably shell and eat peanuts all day if you let her. A little something her Papa taught her that we can't take back. Took her to the Texas Roadhouse the other week... made a HUGE mess, but at least it kept her quiet most of the meal!