Thursday, August 23, 2012

9 Things I Love: Toddler Edition (Part 2)

Let's round out that list from yesterday, shall we? Oh, and by the way, the titles of each item (in bold) are linked to where you can purchase them online (or you could buy them in a local store... you know, if you're insular like us)

Where were we? Oh yes...

5. Salt Water Sandals:
Oh, hoow do I love these sandals? Let me count the ways... First of all, they're basically waterproof (hence the name "Salt Water") and are actually designed to be worn IN the ocean! Of course, my toddler hates the beach, so we mainly bought them because they can be worn to the park, splashed in puddles, stomped around in at the splash park and still look nice enough for to ear to church. It's the perfect toddler shoe, in my opinion. Plus, they are flexible enough on the bottom that Bea doesn't get tripped up that easily, but still stiff enough that they're durable.

6. Super Why and Dinosaur Train:

Sooooo, I was totally one of "those moms" who Before Kids was all, "TV? It rots your brain. My kids will never watch that stuff, they'll play with puzzles and do science experiments". And then, I became a mother. And then I became a mother to an incredibly talkative, and inquisitive toddler. And I'll be honest here- I like to shower or sit on the toilet sometimes without an audience from her. These shows allow that to happen AND, I don't feel like her brain cells are melting away. For 28 minutes each day, while she eats breakfast, Beatrice Kate gets to choose which show she wants to watch. She goes through phases. For one solid month, it was Dinosaur Train. Now, we're on a Super Why! kick. Fortunately, these shows don't feed my mom guilt any more than it has to because from watching them, Bea has learned to spell, knows all her letters and even knows what a Pteranodon and a Triceratops are. I mean come on, I even had to Google that one. Bea's quenches her thirst for strange, college level knowledge, and I get to put my contacts in. It's a win-win.

7. Razbaby RaZ-Berry Teether:
You might recognize this little gem from a previous 9 Things List and that's because now that Bea is cutting her two year molars, it's made a reappearance. She can chew, and chew and chew until her little heart is content, and because it's made of a (BPA Free) super-strength silicone, she can't chew it apart (unlike the countless toothbrushes we tried before this). We love it, she loves it. Enough said.

8. Snack Taxi:
Snack traps are soooooooooooo yesterday. Now that Bea is so grown up a toddler now, she requires more sophisticated things to carry around her many snack needs. The Snack Taxi is our solution. It's basically a velcro-ed pouch that has a semi-waterproof liner in it that can hold snacks. We got ours at Twig, a natural products shop in Chapel Hill and it seems to work great. The biggest advantage over the traditional snack trap is that it's compact and easily slips into any bag, unlike a bulky snack trap. Oh, and we're saving the environment and stuff.

9. The Public Library!

If you're not a member of your local library, stop what you're doing right. now. and go get a card. If your library is anything like ours (and I suspect it is) then you're missing out on SO MANY fantastic (Free!) things. Bea can blow through books like I can (and that's saying something) so we get bored of the same stories frequently. Having a library card lets her go and spend sometimes hours browsing the aisles and searching for books. The Children's Section in our library has kid-height shelves and puts the books in bins, rather than filing them away perpendicular to the aisle. Bea can snoop through them all easily, without leaving a trail of discarded books in her wake. It makes the librarians and her mother happy. Plus, our library has a full schedule of free storytimes and sing-a-long times. If nothing else, it gets us out of the house for two hours a couple times a week and Bea is good for a solid nap afterward. And trust me, if I'm allowed to check out books (I'm a compulsive over-due lendee) then you'll be able to too!


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  1. we LOVE dinosaur train and super why too!!! i think there are like 72 episodes of SW on Netflix, and we're watching them for the second time... ugh! love them, but everything get's old eventually :) we've recently tried fraggle rock, b/c nick and I remember LOVING it, and now... well, it looks kinda like a crazy 70's trip. odd. anywho, maybe I need to get the girl's razzes out, we've been having some of those problems recently too... didn't even think about those!! thanks!