Thursday, August 2, 2012

30 by 30

Let's face it... I'm not gettin' any younger. Next year... on July 3 in fact, I'll be the big 3-0. If there's ever been a time to set goals for myself then it seems logical (at least in my OCD brain) to set a practical timeline for them as well. And one's thirtieth birthday seems appropriate. Right? I'm not crazy, totally, right?

And the idea of doing thirty (concrete) things by the day I turn thirty... that's just too much symmetry to pass up. To keep myself honest, I plan to make a little link for this to go on the side of the blog so I can update it as I tick things off the list. And maybe it will inspire you to set goals for yourself... ok, maybe not.

So, without further ado, here's my 30 by 30 list (broken into smaller categories):

  1. Get back into/or better than pre-pregnancy weight and fitness level.
  2. Complete a triathalon
  3. Read at least one fiction novel a month
  4. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day (not diet soda, not coffee, not lemonade- water)
  5. Run in a Turkey Trot this Thanksgiving
  6. Invest in a new wardrobe (goodbye stretchy-waist pants)
  7. Take a class of some kind of art (photography, painting, crafting, etc.) as a creative outlet
  8. Travel somewhere new
  9. Travel somewhere where I have to speak Spanish, instead of relying on Casey to do it for me

  1. Complete certifications for birth and postpartum doula
  2. Obtain certification as a Bradley Childbirth Instructor
  3. Offer childbirth education on the regular to expecting couples
  4. Get a professionally designed web site
  5. Read at least one non-fiction, doula related book a month
  6. Reach out and get my cards/info into local care providers' offices
  7. Volunteer to be on a DONA International committee (if they'll have me)
  8. Attend at least two Continuing Education function
  1. Attend church at least three times a month
  2. Participate in Christmas Eve Love Feast as a servant for our church
  3. Carve out time for quiet, personal devotionals
  4. Teach Beatrice Kate to pray 
  5. Carve out time to pray with my husband each day and recommit to our couples' devotionals
  6. Teach Beatrice Kate the importance of the Christmas Season, including making an Advent wreath and calendar
  1. Read two parenting books
  2. Try out a new recipe once a week
  3. Actually do some homeschool preschool with Bea two to three times a week
  4. Have an "unplugged" weekend as a family once a month
  5. Go on an overnight backpack/camping trip
  6. Stick to our monthly budget for at least two months straight (especially grocery)
  7. Schedule field trips around town for Beatrice Kate and her friends once a month



  1. Love your list Ashley. Makes me want to make my own........ (now what have you done!!!)

  2. Send Bea to Uncle E's and Aunt L's.

  3. Did you know that uncle Kendall is in the website business? He could help you with that one. :)