Monday, July 30, 2012

Road Trippin' with Daddy

For months we had a family vacation planned to visit Aunt Sue the Great in Washington, D.C. So, naturally, it was only fitting that my one and only summer client went nearly two weeks over her due date. Ah, well, such is the life of an on-call doula.

Luckily, my husband is amazing (like you didn't already know that) and wanted to still take Beatrice Kate (yea, by himself, for three whole days and a 4.5 hour road trip). So, seeing the opportunity to sleep-in and watch my shows on Netflix and order all the junk food I want without feeling guilty being the kind-hearted mother I am, I thought it was a great idea and an excellent opportunity for some Father-Daughter Bonding.

Naturally, when they got home, I was anxious to see the photos. I was a small bit jealous I didn't get to go (because it sounded like they had an awesome time) but also a little curious at what our child would look like after three days of Daddy Fashion Duty. The photos didn't disappoint:
Immediately, I notice the absence of a hair bow

Bea apparently quickly took to riding around in the proverbial Lap of Luxury:
See you suckers later. I'm Rollin' Out.

Aunt Sue also introduced Bea to the delicate world of Nutella consumption. She's still talking about that stuff:
She's going to kill me for including this photo of her Morning Mohawk
You have a little on your face...
They also took in a few famous sights:
Bea thought DC was the coolest Tunnel in the world.
No hairbow AND no nap it seems ...
Our child became an expert subway rider. Now, everytime we're heading out somewhere, she asks to ride on the "A-ven-cha Train":
She might look like a street urchin, but she's my little street urchin.
They also paid a visit to Unka Evan and Auntie Leah. You remember them, right? Well, as predicted, Bea convinced them to visit a nearby park for what else? Swinging:
Which, from the above photo, seemed like a tame form of entertainment. Oh, no. The rest of the photos tell the whole truth:
Teetering on unsafe, but I'll let it go...
Uh, guys. She's almost parallel to the ground now.
How can you tell when Daddys are in charge of vacations? When photos like the one below are taken, instead of stepping in to intervene FOR HER SAFETY:

Yep. She's practically upside down.
Ahhh, slow, deep breaths. At the very least, Beatrice Kate had the time of her life (even if her life was about to be cut short):
A little blurry, but there's no mistaken the look of pure joy

Happiness is... Unka Evan pushing a swing.

Oh, and they have slides in DC, too? Did you know that?
After all this adventure, Bea headed back to Unka Evan's condo to do a little people watching with "Jazz da Dog":
And a little snackin' too:
Notice how she's not even phased by having a dog sniffing her hands while she eats...
This little girl was worn out at the end of all this fun:
And now, we get to do it all again this weekend, this time in Durham, when Aunt Sue the Great comes to visit us!


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