Monday, July 23, 2012

O. Uhh...Um...Hey?

Hiya! We're back. Well, sort of. At least, back enough to say, "Hey, ya'll (and, ya'll is important term of endearment around here)" anyway, "Hey, ya'll. We're back from our summer break" and I'm hoping, no really, this time... I'm hoping I'll be able to be a better blogger.

What's changed? Well, honestly? Nothing. We're still busy. Busy Bea is still... uh?
Goin' on an a-vencha
 On the move? Busy? Toddlerific? A wild-woman? All of the above.

But truthfully, I miss blogging. I miss sharing our lives with countless strangers. Clearly, I have a need to feel loved and included. But whatever.

I miss sharing photos and funny stories of Our Favorite Girl. You remember her right? This one:
Hard to forget, and also? Very hard to keep clean.

Yea, she's kinda hard to shake forget.

I *think* I may have a better handle on how to manage our time as a family, and my time as a doula, mother, cook, house cleaner, wife, cruise-line activity director.  Of course, usually when I think I've got a handle on something, it usually breaks off and shatters to the floor (that was a metaphor for my life).

I have been taking better care of actually scheduling my days (and by schedule, I mean, lay out a list of things I want to get done each day, and don't care that "Take a shower" usually gets neglected more often than it should).

And that issue of having a Velcro-Toddler? Yea, ummm... we're still working on that...
Is someone following me? You guys, I think someone is behind me...

I'm thinking of doing a photo catch-up of the past few months as a way to phone-in our absence around these parts. Who's with me?



  1. Thanks sooo much for sending me the pictures from Confirmation and I'm so glad you're "back" to blogging!! We miss seeing Bea, even if it is in photos. Y'all should come over soon, many exciting events!!

  2. Photo catch up! DO IT. (and I'll go get mine caught up too... I seem to be behind the month of July... oops.)