Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Tid Bits ...

  • I have a super fun week planned next week for the blog. It includes five really great giveaways in honor of Mother's Day. So Dads, if you're still wondering what you can get Mom... stay tuned. I'll give you an insight into "Mom's Wish List".
  • I got my first Birth Announcement from a past doula client in the mail today. It made my day week.
  • It was over 95 today. And it's only May 3. Holy Crap, August is going to be face-melting. 
  • Speaking of warm weather, Case and I found a great (cheap) wine at Whole Foods that's perfect for hot summer evenings. It's called Opala Vinho Verde and it's so light and refreshing. It even has a little teeny hint of a bubbly texture, so it's extra perfect for hot weather:
  • In light of the already sweltering temperatures, I blew up and nearly passed out while doing so a little inflatable pool for Beatrice Kate yesterday afternoon. Within thirty seconds, it was clouded with more dirt than our yard; but she didn't seem to mind it. 
  • We even took a trip to Chick-Fil-A (Known as the "Chicken Cow's House" to Bea) to get an ice cream come. Bea ate hers down to the last drop, much to the dismay of the table cleaning crew...
  • Bea has been really into wearing our shoes around the house. So, since it's unlikely I'll find myself in need of a pair of pink high heels these days, I donated an old pair to my girl for dress up. She didn't disappoint:
    Oh, you know. Just doin' a little shopping. In Style.
  • Can I get an Amen for how cute this outfit is? My Mother-In-Law made it for Bea last week and I nearly died when I saw her in it! The bloomers drew all kinds of compliments at playgroup (the center for toddler fashion know-how):
    I think the tiny braids are just a cuteness bonus, don't you?
  • Speaking of cuteness, Bea has been obsessed with her babydolls this week. She insists that they do everything she does including (but not limited to): eating (which is confusing to her when they never finish a meal), going potty, drinking water, washing hands, wearing panties, go down the slide, go to the park, take a walk in the stroller... it's hilarious. Here's an example of her feeding Barbie:
  • Also, I have a post planned to introduce you to her baby dolls. Because, like most things in our house, they don't go by conventional names like, "Sally", or "Dolly". More on that some other time.
  • I have to share this Chicken Pie recipe I pinned and made last week. It was kind of a pain to make, but it was well worth it. We are still talking about how great it was:
  • We were looking forward to a weekend of lounging and bike riding, but unfortunately, it'll be spend fixing one of our cars so we can sell it. Having a braniac engineer for a husband can be challenging sometimes; but when his mechanically inclined skills save us nearly $1200, it's pretty awesome.
What are you up to this weekend? 


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  1. just stopping over from kelly's korner. i wanted to say hi as i also live in durham AND had a preemie (33 weeker, placental abruption, 26 day NICU stay). looks like my son, ben, was born a few days before your bea. small world! :)