Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Child Labor

I'll admit it- we're big fans of free child labor in this house. I mean, Bea had an expensive start in life, so a kid's gotta earn her keep, right?!? Who's with me?

Ok, I'll clarify, before you get mental images of Beatrice Kate working in a sweatshop hemming pairs of discount jeans. (And really, can you actually see Bea tolerating that kind of mistreatment?!?)

You should know I'm talking about the kind of child labor otherwise known as "chores"... For Bea, being only two years old and limited by her height, gross motor skills and attention span patience, her chores are currently only simple tasks. Her favorite?

Emptying the dishwasher:
Strange, huh?
She can be anywhere in the house, and when she hears the sound of the dishwasher drawers rolling out, she'll come running. Shouting, "I help. I can help you"... who am I to deny such a simple pleasure:
Usually she hands an adult the knives. Usually.
She does it with such flair, I can't help but sit back and watch:
Dishwaher Emptying with Jazz Hands!

When she first started this chore, she was content to just hand you the silverware. But now that she's older, more mature, she's ready for more complex tasks. Like putting the spoons and forks away, herself:
Mom, I can totally reach this.
Seriously, it's pretty awesome to finally have some help around here:
Well, sort of.
 She even shuts the drawers back when she's done:
Shutting, cramming. It's all the same, really.
Unfortunately, the drawers can't always close completely, because well, her methods are somewhat questionable:
What? You don't keep permanent markers in your silverware drawer?
 And the results aren't exactly... orderly:
Spoons anyone?
But Gosh-Darn-it, look how much concentration she's putting into this!
One shelf done. One to go.
I've got this!
Ooo. My milk cup. Oh, must not get distracted...

She's nothing if not thorough:
Lucky for me, everything goes in this cabinet. How about that!
It just might take me a little while to dig out my Tupperware from the mountain of various other plastic goods:
It's the "Spatula-Water Bottle-Sippy Cup-Tupperware Cabinet. You have one, too, right?
And she doesn't just put things away. No, no. She also loves, loves (and I mean LOVES) to close the dishwasher... I still haven't figured that one out yet:

And when I see the pride on her face for a job well done...well, you can call me Old Fashioned for encouraging free labor, but I know that my outdated parenting philosophies are just right for this girl:
That's the look of pride, or mayhem. One of the two.



  1. What a good little helper!

  2. She gets cuter every day! Girl even looks good doing dishes :)

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  3. Great post. Wonderful pictures!!