Thursday, May 3, 2012

Beach Bea

I just realized that I haven't yet posted about Bea's first trip to the beach! So, despite the fact that I have nearly 3,000 more things to blog about- I'll back up a bit and fill you in ...

Back in March, during our visit to New Bern, we took a little day trip to Atlantic Beach so that Beatrice Kate could experience a North Carolina classic- the beach. Living in Durham, we're practically in the middle of the state; with either the mountains or the coast within a few hours drive. Casey and I both LOVE the beach. So naturally, we thought our baby would be genetically required to love it too:
What the H is this place?
 Unfortunately, that wasn't the case:
This is practically child abuse, you guys.
We forgot to factor in one teeny, tiny important factor into our equation- sand. Our child hates (and I mean utterly hates) to be dirty. We never raised her to be "girly" or "dainty" but she seemed to steer that way anyway. So, when we arrived to a giant pit of dirt, our girl wasn't pleased:
What is this? GET IT OFF MY FEET. Now.
Even a little help from Grandma couldn't persuade her to let her toes dig in the sand:
No way, not even the Power of Grandma can make this better.
Plus, there's that giant thing... THE OCEAN, which is practically impossible to prepare someone for who has never seen it:
You guys. What is that? It's so big and could practically eat me.
Eventually, Bea was convinced that we weren't about to throw her in and leave; and she gradually warmed up to the idea of the waves:
I see. So that's where you plan to toss me in?
 Once she got used to the idea of a tide, she marveled at the fact that the water "It go away and came back":
Then she started warming up to the idea of actually playing in the sand:
You brought wet wipes, right you guys?
Grandma was able to convince her that it was kind of like a giant sandbox:
Ok, so maybe this isn't the end of the world.
When Unka Evan showed up, Bea was excited to show him the water front:
See that? It's like a Giant Swimming Pool of Death.
As long as he didn't get too close to it of course:
I'll just look at it from here, you can go closer by yourself.
Casey and I were able to do a little shell hunting and I found this awesome sand dollar:
And my endearing husband promptly broke it the next day...
Casey, of course, forgot we were shell hunting together (hello, bonding time!?!) and started pulling random crap from the ocean:
30 going on 15
Good thing my little bestie was right there with me:
Check this out, Mom!
I think it's a shark's tooth. Or a bone.
I don't think we'll be calling this beach trip a swimmingly great success anytime soon; but I do think it gave us encouragement for a return trip next year...

Oh, and I have to leave you with this image of Sweet Girl's teeny tiny footprints in the sand:
"There is no footprint too small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world"


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