Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday ..

It's been a while since I've linked up to What I'm Loving Wednesday, so I have quite a few things to share this week ...

First, I'm loving that last night we received our first CSA box of the year! We get our share from a local organic farm, Vollmer Farms, and they have never let us down! This week, we got 2 lbs. of strawberries, two red cabbage heads, sweet potatoes, carrots, collards, and field greens. I'll do a What's in the Box post tomorrow!

Next, I'm loving this new face soap I got from LUSH:
It's made from charcoal, so it does a great job of absorbing all my post-baby face grease. Word of warning though, it turns everything it touches black so get a soap dish!

I'll admit that I'm loving the Hunger Games Trilogy:

And if my sister comes this weekend, I may use her to babysit Busy Bea so I can drag Husby to see the moving in IMAX. Yes, I'm officially 16 again.

I'm loving my new bike:
Which, by the way, my dear husband built and customized for me. There's an entire blog post coming about how much I love this bike. But for now, let me share... it has a bell!!!

I'm loving my new haircut. It looks like this one:
Only, that's not me in the photo and I'm not that fit. I haven't had a chance to properly style it and take a photo of myself with the new hair but I did want to share that yes, I cut over 10+ inches of hair off two Saturdays ago! It as a good decision!

I'm loving my recent Pinterest finds:
Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

If you couldn't tell, we're finally getting around to adding a little curb appeal to this "new" home of ours. I figure, after 8 months- it's probably time, huh?

And finally, I'm loving my little Beach Babe:
Who, as it turns out, is NOT a big fan of the NC Outerbank's coastline... We'll work on that in coming years and in future visits because it's practically state law to love going to the beach... (and yes, a full post about her first trip to the ocean soon to come!)


  1. The Hunger Games series is the best I've read in a while! It's definitely a page turner. If you haven't already you should watch The Hunger Games movie. Hope you have an awesome day:)

  2. i love that quote you found on pinterest!

  3. That soap dish is GREAT! And I love the Hunger Games - such a great trilogy!