Friday, April 27, 2012

Tomorrow we will walk ...

Last year, the day before our March of Dimes walk, I posted the below entry; fresh off our one year anniversary of Bea's NICU homecoming. Today, the day before The Bea Team laces up our sneakers again- I'm sharing with you once more... because it still rings true. Preemie or not, March of Dimes is working their tails off to give every family a better chance at creating a healthy newborn... You can still support The Bea Team by donating here.

Tomorrow, Casey, Beatrice Kate and I will join nearly 5,000 others at the 2011 Triangle March for Babies. We are honored and humbled at the response and support that we've received from our friends and family; even from complete strangers.

Tomorrow we will walk so that someday, no other family has to have their baby's first picture include wires, monitor tape and a bubble CPAP machine:

Tomorrow we will walk so that someday, babies are measured in pounds instead of "sub-kilos" and a doubled birth weight is way more than only 4 pounds:
Tomorrow we will walk so that someday, mothers are mothers, with full rights and privileges, from Minute One and holding your new baby happens minutes after birth, not 24 hours later:

Tomorrow we will walk so that someday, new parents won't have to learn medical terms like bilirubin, surfactant, apnea, NEC, TPN, PICC, CPAP, ROP, EBM, NPO, or desats:

Tomorrow we will walk so that someday, a first family photo doesn't have to happen within the walls of a NICU:

Tomorrow, we will walk so that someday, every family's journey includes a happy ending:

March of Dimes funded the research that played a major part in keeping Beatrice Kate alive during her first few days. They were our lifeline for information about prematurity, survival rates and information about what we could expect during our NICU stay. They were our shoulder to lean on and someone to comfort us when we just needed to cry. They became the friendly face who reminded us, "Hang in there, it gets better."

And it did. It got soooooo much better.

"Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you; before you were born, I set you apart" Jeremiah 1:5
We cannot possibly repay March of Dimes back for everything they've given us, but tomorrow, we will walk. And, in that moment, I will know that we are repaying March of Dimes only a very small portion of the debt we owe for saving our daughter's life.

If you know a preemie, or any baby at all, I ask you to consider supporting March of Dimes. Your support enables them to keep up their efforts to someday find the causes of prematurity and eliminate them. 


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  1. Oh My goodness - I'm balling!!! I'm so proud of you for helping other preemies and preemie parents.

    Have an amazing time tomorrow. I hope the sun is shining on you while you walk.

    fellow preemie momma
    Jac E
    momma to babE Gray