Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The proper way to apply Lip Balm ...

My child, God love her, has a wee obsession with Chapstick. So, being a good and thoughtful parent I the Easter Bunny put a fresh tube in her basket this year:
Normally, a fresh tube of Chapstick lasts all of 45 seconds in this house before it's lost in the couch, a coat pocket, my Mommy Bag or into a dust cloud of dog hair. But this tube... Will. Not. Die. And Bea? She's used this extra Chapstick time to her advantage; perfecting her Application Techniques...

Step One: Remove Cap:
Clothing Optional...
Step Two: Apply to your own lips:
The face of a professional
Step Three: Blot (you know, just to ensure even coverage):
Step Four: Apply some to your napping father's lips, too:
Payback, sucka'
Daddy deserves it for taking a nap and leaving Mommy alone...
Step Five: Apply a little more on his cheeks (Windburn can really sting, you know, so protection is crucial):
Yep, this is getting good.

Just keep slathering it on, kiddo.
 Step Six: Go on, put a little extra on his forehead, just for good measure:
Better angle for maximum coverage

Step Seven: Step back and admire your work:
Stinky face is not optional
Finally, Step Eight: Just to cover up your tracks, apply a little more to your own lips:
He'll never know..
And be sure to repeat Step Three:



  1. This is fantastic! And she looks so much like you in these shots. Wow! Adorable! Thanks for getting my day started with a laugh at dad's expense. ;)

  2. Ah, girls and their lip balm. Mine happens to be addicted to gloss. The shinier the better. And the puckered lips go along with it. I've got video to pull out on her wedding day. Stopping by from Houseful of Nicholes! Nice to meet ya!