Thursday, April 5, 2012

Friday Tid Bits ...

Here are some of the more random things happening these days around here:
  • Our neighborhood has this event every month called "First Thursday" because, well, it's held on the first Thursday of every month at a favorite neighborhood park. A lot of popular food trucks come and it's a great place to sit, play and talk to your neighbors. Last night, we went to April's version. It was cold. And by cold, I mean "not 85", cold enough to warrant a pullover. But not cold enough to stop up from buying up a delicious dessert from our favorite food truck: The Parlour.
  • Bea has decided that from now on, only Mommy can give baths. She let us know this by freaking out and throwing the tantrum of all tantrums, complete with a slippery bubble foot stomp, when Daddy suggested she be bathed. It's not amusing. At. All. Especially after really long "Mommy and Bea" days. 
  • I am the worst Library card holder ever. I tried to check out books today, and was (not) shocked to see "You are barred from checking out book" (no seriously, this is what the computer said!). Apparently, I had some late fines (ok, $25 worth of fines) and caught a lot of Angry Librarian Attitude about it. But seriously, there should be a "Mother of a Toddler who hates car rides" discount; because it makes returning all 4,000 children's books we borrow a little difficult some days.
  • Speaking of the library, we went to storytime today (pre-late fine scandal) and Bea went into THE! MIDDLE! of the group of kids to get a musical instrument for the song parade. Normally, she sits in my lap and refuses to even look at other kids. I nearly sobbed from my surge of pride in Mah' Girl. Of course, she still didn't participate in any of the songs; but knew them all once we were back at home. (that rascal)
  • One of my postpartum doula clients was at the First Thursday last night and she said that I made a difference in their family's lives. My heart smiled when I heard that. Being a doula is a labor of love; but I love doing it.
  • My husband was very sick this week. Or he was faking it. Honestly, it's hard to tell sometimes. But I made him go to the doctor because I "thought it might be pneumonia". It's just a bad cold. I'm glad I didn't go to medical school- or else I'd be diagnosing everyone with the WORST. POSSIBLE. OUTCOME.
  • Also, apparently, doctors around here don't see new patients (even when they're sick) for a week to five weeks. Seriously? Five weeks seems a little silly. So because Casey hasn't needed a doctor's care since we moved, he had to go to Urgent Care. To be seen while he was sick.
  • Busy Bea busted out with a hilarious rendition of the ABCs today in the car. Somehow, after J, now comes "LMPQRXYZ" it's so cute, I can't correct her... or should I?
  • She also learned how to count to 15 recently. We didn't teach her; so I'm wondering where she learned it. 
  • Unlike last year, Bea will be receiving an Easter Basket this year. And, we're even going to dye eggs. See, I'm not a totally unfit parent. Most of the time...



  1. Don't feel too bad about the library books. I personally had over $9 in fines last week, and that was just for me. And I have no excuse like a small child or even a pet preventing me from returning them on time. I just consider it a donation anyway! Hope you all are doing well!

  2. I want Bea to come and play with Jack!