Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Conversation with my Two Year Old ...

Bea's vocabulary is really impressive. Her ability to hear a word once and repeat it, often using it in the correct context is kind of amazing, actually. It's like living with a Little Rain Main sometimes. But don't let that confuse you into thinking that she uses these language skills to discuss topics of World Peace, the 2012 Elections, or other serious issues. She is, after all, a two year old- whose days are spent in a disproportionate amount of time drinking milk, eating stuff off the floor and picking her nose. Her vocab is mostly used to communicate what her little two year old brain is thinking atthatverysecond and she wants nothing more than to tell you about it all. the. time.

So, I'd like to present an actual recent conversation to demonstrate just how random life with a two year old can be:

Setting: The Dinner Table on Easter Sunday about 5 p.m., while enjoying our lunch of ham, sweet potatoes in orange cups and brussel sprouts roasted with bacon...

Bea: Mommy, I like beef
Mommy: It's ham, Bea. You're eating ham.
Bea: Beef is so yummy. It's 'licious. (delicious)
Mommy: Ok, the beef is yummy.
Bea: Do you like beef?
Mommy: Yes, sweet girl, I do.
Bea: Does Daddy like beef?
Mommy: Yes, I think he does.
Bea: Mmm. Mmm. So Tasty. I love... bacon
Mommy: Me too, BeaBea.
Bea: Bacon is tasty.
Mommy: Bea, do you want to eat some brussel sprouts too?
Bea: No. Nope. No thank you.
Mommy: Please, can you try?
Bea: Ok. (eats sprout...) It's 'licious too! I can eat it 'gin!
Mommy: Oh good!

Several seconds of silence later....

Bea: Arnold has a butt crack?
Mommy: No, Arnold has a tail.
Bea: It's fluffy. Does Daddy have a butt crack?
Mommy: Yes, I believe he does.
Bea: BeaBea has a butt crack too?
Mommy: Yes, you do. That's enough butt talk at the table for now.
Bea: BeaBea have an elbow. Do Mommy have an elbow?
Mommy: Yes, I do!
Bea: BeaBea have two elbows.
Mommy: Yep! We all have two elbows.
Bea: Mmmm... I like feet potatoes. So Yummy.

I look up to see this:
Apparently, the child who can speak in complete sentences needs to eat like a neanderthal... You win some, you lose some I guess.
I'll consider this a loss ...



  1. That's an unbelievably adorable conversation. Bea is just too funny!

  2. So so cute! I love the things that come out of toddlers' mouths!