Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Busy Bea's Busy Easter ...

What Collins Family Holiday is complete with a crazy hectic schedule? This Easter delivered on the busy, that's for sure! Bear with me on this post- it's a bit picture overloaded!

It started out with a visit from Bea's favorite, Aunt CoCo, who we took to a new park swinging, all day, everyday:
Swing Addict.
Later that night, Casey and I capitalized on free babysitting and took ourselves out on a date to see The Hunger Games in IMAX. I was really anxious to see it, and didn't want to be in the front row of the theater, so I made Casey get us there extra early. This is a photo of the scene when we arrived:
Jokes on Me. Funny Guys.

Turns out, Good Friday isn't a huge movie going day. Saturday, we had a birthday party to go to and a lot of Easter traditions to get started. Of course, there were eggs to dye:
She only broke a half dozen before we dyed them!

Which we used "natural" methods for dying:
Hippies at Heart.
I'll do a post all about that because the results were so beautiful and worth the wait. Then we made an assortment of baked goods, including Hot Cross Buns and biscuits. Bea "helped":
A little flour for the dough, a little flour for my shirt...
 And by "helped" I mean, she helped spread flour clear across the house:

But it doesn't matter, because her biscuits were delicious and oh-so-sweet. I die of cuteness overload when I see her tiny fingerprints on baked goods:

On Easter Sunday, we planned to get up at 4:30 and make a timely appearance to our church's annual sunrise service at Oakwood Cemetary. (Side Note: Read the story about the Moravian Easter Tradition from the AP here) When we woke up late at 5:45, timely turned into "Holy Crap. Everyone get dressed we're late"... but somehow we made it on time and my little Snugga' was warm and comfy:
She had no choice but to be warm. I'm her mother...

Casey made it on time to play in the band:

And Bea was the picture of perfect behavior throughout the service (despite waking up 5 hours earlier than normal), listening attentively to the music:

And even attempting to join in on the liturgy:

Only at the end of the service did she ask to get out of the stroller and really, who was I to deny her the chance to show off her warmest Easter finest:

I have to show you the next photo because 70% of my photos came out this way, once Bea was on the move (after the service):
Where's Waldo?

The rest look like this:

Trying to capture a rowdy two-year-old on film is tricky. It's like photographing the Lochness Monster (which she sort of looked like in that "Easter Bonnet":
Don't judge the Bonnet. It was cold. Well, cold for a two year old.
After the sunrise service, we went back to the church for a quick breakfast. Bea, naturally, had bacon, with a side of bacon:
Who needs food groups, when you can have bacon?
When I tried to take yet another photo of her, this is the best I got:
Stop taking my picture. I mean it.
 Also, let's take a moment to comment her hair clip. It's called a "No Slippy Hair Clippy" and it's another awesome gift from Aunt Sue the Great:
Holds back the finest of baby hair.
We tried to go outside and get even more Easter photos, but didn't notice that Bea had a secret handful of breakfast until it was too late:
Bacon, round 5.

Really, you would think I would learn my lesson about Toddler Photography, buy darn it, I was determined:

Eventually, Bea had enough:
I got stuff to do you guys.

And was off:
Sheer Crazy.

I mean really, she Took. Off. Running:

Look that those crazy faces she was making:
Good Heavens. What am I supposed to do with this wild child?

She hadn't even had candy yet!!

We were finally able to corral her in the "Prayer Garden" by suggesting she stop to smell the flowers:
Oh, so pretty. Don't mind if I do...

"Smelling" turned into "Trying to pick" so we had to put a stop to that as well:
Oh. Hi Mom. Just smelling, that's all. Really.

And then it was Run Time again:
Proper Run Stance a must.

Man, she's fast:

Well, if "fast" means "clumsy and a little like a drunk person":
Did someone say "Bacon"?:

No, ok, then she's off again:
Is it nap time yet?

Finally, I wanted just one. last. attempt. at a pretty Easter picture, perhaps next to our church sign:

Ok, one smile. But it's not going to be a good one, Ok?
Rats, I guess I'll try again next year:
I'm outta here.
The only moment of stillness came when Bea asked to "go potty" inside and was momentarily stunned into silence by the amazing harpsichord abilities of our Music director, Dr. Simon:
It's like angel's playing ...

Once we made it home, we had to check out what the "Eessa Bunny" brought Bea. He didn't disappoint:
Bea is so funny about getting gifts that she thinks are hers. She always approached cautiously, and says, "Ooo, what's this?!?":
Well, what do we have here ...
Yes, Bea, it's all for you. Even a new tube of chapstick:
She calls it "Make-Up"

 And Jelly Beans (which we found out, my Nana has been sneaking her for a while now):

And even an Easter Classic, Peeps:

Which she agreed to share with Daddy:
Here. Don't say I've never given you anything.

And if you're going to eat candy, you have to wear silly bunny ears. It's practically a law in this house:

Oh, goodness. What am I going to do with this crazy girl??? I hope your Easters were fun and bright and that you got to enjoy the beautiful weather we had on Sunday!


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  1. Who doesn't love bacon, with a side of bacon? Smart girl! Also, she looked so adorable in her blue Easter outfit!