Thursday, March 15, 2012

Too Much Birthday ...

This year, (as you already know) Beatrice Kate's birthday fell on a Monday, which meant we got to celebrate the day with just us on her actual birthday. We thought that was pretty awesome. Bea was cool with that too:
Can we take a moment to notice how un-baby she's lookin' these days?!?
Birthdays are kind of a big deal to me. We don't really do up a lot of gifts at Christmas and it only seems logical that you get one day to do what you want; so birthdays are kind of it. In this family, we live and die by the motto: It's my birthday, I can do what I want. This turned out to be a terribly parenting strategy later on.

We started out the day with breakfast at one of our favorite local spots, Mad Hatter Bakeshop. Bea decided on a liquid breakfast of whole milk, you know... to save room for all her birthday cake and ripped into her cards right at the table:
Thanks Mom. NEXT!
Then we took a Cupcake-To-Go over to Oval Park (one of Bea's most favorite Durham spots) for a birthday play sesh:
The envy of all other toddlers (and squirrels) at the park.
Then we had a little swing time (and by "little", I mean "it's all we did was swing"):
Pure Bliss.
 And then Daddy joined in:
Guess who's having more fun...
After that, we had a brief "Too Much Birthday" Meltdown while exiting the park and scrapped our fun lunch plans in lieu of a nap. Bea woke up bright and refreshed and ready for more cake the most important task of any Birthday Day- fielding phone calls from the family:
Screening calls with her secretary...
Then it was time for her special birthday dinner. Since it was so nice, we used our fancy patio furniture to sit outside and enjoy the evening:
Toddler-sized Patio Living...
What was on the menu? Oh, you know, just the average toddler's favorite foods- hotdogs, french fries and BRUSSEL SPROUTS (I'm not even kidding):
Then it was time for the Serious Business. Cake. And yes, I did buy her a store-bought cake. Give me a break, I'm making six dozen cupcakes for this weekend!:
It was the last one Whole Foods had that day, cut me some slack.
Then she showed off her newest trick, blowing out candles:
Then it was Eating Time. At first, Bea was a little hesitant, only wanting to touch the cake with one finger:
Dainty Does It.
Hmmm. This is pretty.... AWESOME.

Then she requested to be fork fed. Gotta eat lady like and all:
Just shovel it down the gullet, please.
And then it was Game. On. and she dug in with both hands:
Forget it, I'll do it myself.

More is more when it comes to cake.
 And as I said above, when it's your birthday, you can do what you want:
Including, just ripping bits off the cake.

Oh. Hey. Did you guys want some, too? It's pretty good.
 And then wanted to cut her own hunks of the main cake. Enough with this silly "slice" business:
Serious concentration.

Can't waste time. Must cut next bite while still chewing current bite.
And, of course, what Beatrice Kate eats, Daddy must also taste:
Same faces.
Cooper likes to think this policy applies to him as well:
Don't mind me, Baby. Just pretend I'm not even.... here.... Wait, you moved.
Oh, who are we kidding? Cake for all!
Arnold: Oh, gee. I get a bite too? I didn't think I would be included, too you guys.
And Cooper, finally, got his share:
Yea, Baby. Gimme a bite. Matter of fact, gimme the entire cake.
You make a pretty good servant, Baby.
The final result wasn't pretty, but it sure was delicious:
Toddler Cake Decorating. The best and worst idea ever.
To wrap-up this post, I want to point out that I didn't intentionally put Bea in this shirt; it just sort of happened:
But that doesn't mean it's any less true. I can't think of a better shirt to wear on the day we officially outgrow Prematurity.

Stay tuned next week for details from her Camping Themed party at Eno River State Park. That is, unless I lose my mind over the party-planning process!


  1. This is so seriously sweet. I love how dainty she is eating her cake!! Happy Birthday to Bea!

  2. Love the shirt and the Queen Bee plate!