Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lately (a random tid bit post) ...

Lately, I've been feeling super overwhelmed with everything going on in our lives these past few weeks. I seriously do not know how single moms or working moms get their acts together enough to perform a job, be wife, be a mother AND still find time to take a shower and look presentable everyday.

So, because I am incapable at doing this; and keeping up a blog, here's a post that's been shumped together. That's right, I said, "Shumped". Look it up. I'm nearly positive it's a word...

  • I've been quite busy at births over the past few weeks. In fact, I've had three births in 8 days- a fact I do not take for granted; I'm just TIRED. Two of those births were late night, into the wee hours of the morning and the other was a "start-at-2-a.m." kind of labor. I'm glad I never decided to go into medical school. I would be a sore disappointment at staying awake!
  • Speaking of those births, I haven't mentioned it in a while; but I must say...I love, love, love midwives. They have such a relaxed nature about labor and delivery and their trust in a woman's body is something I marvel at. I wish more OB's would view low-risk births this way...
  • This past weekend, I was attending a birth at UNC and I realized that exactly two years ago; I was in the same room, being admitted for our 10 day Antepartum stay before Beatrice Kate made her arrival. Freaky
  • While there, I kept looking at the NICU doors and half of me wanted to burst in and tell all the parents inside that, "No, really you guys. It gets SO much better" and the other half wanted to have a panic attack and curl up into a corner. PTSD is a tricky, tricky disorder. Two years out, and I still get a little nauseous when I think about our first days there.
  • Bea's second birthday is in 6 days. SIX DAYS, people. This growing up thing is happening too fast. This, and the fact that I'm currently sleep deprived, make me feel like I'm going to burst into sobs at a moment's notice. I want my baby back. Stat.
  • Speaking of her birthday, I haven't done squat-diddly-hoo-hoo in preparation for her party that's in two weeks. I keep telling myself that I have time; but that's not really the case anymore! Luckily, my crafty, super sweet friend Mary Frances (Hi, MF!) has offered to help me create decorations for said party. She's amazing. And she has a paper cutting machine. So it's a win-win for me. 
  • My dogs are slowly driving me to the brink of insanity. I'm pretty certain that Cooper (the small one), is playing a practical joke on me in the back yard. Each day, he goes out and digs a new, deeper hole in the back yard. Then he covers it up with leaves and grass so I can't see it; until, of course, I nearly break my ankle when I walk over it. Arnold (the old one) has gotten paranoid (more paranoid I should say) in his older age. And it's no longer acceptable to him to lay in his bed in the office at night. He lets us know by scratching at and ramming his head into the baby gate holding him in. Over. And Over. And Over.
  • Beatrice Kate is pretty nearly fully potty trained. I say this with the exception of yesterday, when she stripped off her Naptime Diaper and peed in her bed; as a demonstration of her displeasure over napping. Excluding that, we haven't had any accidents in a long, long time. More on this later this week, with photos!
  • I've been hit with a major case of Spring Cleaning Bug this week. I'm itching to get into the deepest recesses of our closets and start thinning crap out. Unfortunately, I am married to a hoarder; and thus, must only clear out items when he is at work. 
  • Speaking of the Hoarder... My husband and child have been secretly working on a project in the backyard shed for the past month. When I inquire about it, he says, "Just don't worry about it". I'm worried. And really, really curious. Apparently, there is no reveal date set; Husby just says that I'll find out when it's ready...
That's about all that's happening here. I promise more frequent updates when my eyelids aren't forceably closing themselves. 


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  1. Busy lady! I've missed your blog posts... hopefully life will even out for you and some time will magically appear!