Thursday, March 29, 2012

Aunties and Unkas and a mini-vacay...

This past weekend, we loaded up Filipe Ford and took the family down to New Bern, NC for a short, mini-vacay with Casey's mom and brother (and his wifey, Leah). I didn't mention it before we left in case any of our readers are thieves, and wanted to steal our one crappy TV, our busted computer, or maybe Cooper. We're all about security you know (we do live in Durham after all- JOKING)...

Naturally, I forgot my camera charger so I only have a few photos. But that's okay because in Bea's opinion, I was at least able to capture pictures of some of favorite people in the world. Grandma (of course, she's her BFF after all):

Notice the apron- a Grandma special for Bea
And a new favorite, Unka Evan and Aunt LeLe:
We talked a lot about this trip before it happened, so Bea could get excited about going to "the beach". But all of that talk about oceans and sand and vacation were thrown out the window when Unka Evan showed up:
Bea has three aunts (CoCo, Carson and Evan's wife, Leah), but she only has one uncle:
Everything looks better from her vantage point.
And Bea thinks he's pretty great:
For example, we stumbled on a playground while on a walk in New Bern. And, because my child refuses to utilize any other part of a park, we took a little time to swing:
This is okay, but Unka Evan might make it better...
Even with her trusty favorite, Grandma, behind her to push, Bea wasn't content until Unka Evan joined in:
The only full-grown adult who can still fit into a baby swing...
Then, when that wasn't good enough, she demanded that Unka Evan and Auntie LeLe push her:
Smitten Kittens.
 And because Unkas are good at things like making any situation a little more dangerous, Bea demanded "higher, higher"... so Unka Evan and Aunt LeLe obliged:
No Fear Bea.
That's when Mommy had a heart attack and called it off. It was good timing though, because this guy:
He's the Bea's Bee's Knees
Wore that little girl out:
Silence is Golden.


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