Thursday, March 1, 2012

25 Reasons why we love Aunt CoCo ...

This is my twin little sister, Courtney. Though to her nieces, Beatrice Kate and Ava, she goes by the code name "CoCo":
And to these girls? Aunt CoCo is the Bee's Knees. She's the jelly to their peanut butter. The single. best. person. on this planet:
I happen to think she's pretty spectacular too:
And today, March 1, is Aunt CoCo's 25th Birthday. So because I forgot to put her card in the mail in time in honor of this, here are 25 reasons why we love Aunt CoCo and why we're so happy to have her in our lives:

1. She's the most beautiful person I know. Inside and out.
2. Her sense of humor is so dry and witty; she could make a grown man cry.
3. She is very selfless. Like, so much so, that if you were on an island with her and ran out of water; she would give you her last bottle.
4. Babies love her.
5. Animals love her (possibly more than Dr. Doolittle)
6. Old people? They love her too.
7. She has a bigger sweet tooth than me. If that's even possible.
8. She never takes a bad photo. Seriously, it's kind of annoying to be in one with her.
9. Her hair is always super shiny.
10. Her teeth are perfectly straight (and white!).
11. She never calls Bea "Beatrice" instead of her actual name- Beatrice Kate.
12. She's a bigger germophobe than any preemie parent I've ever met.
13. Her house is spic and span. Which is weird; because her car looks like a bomb went off inside.
14. She knows all the favorite toddler songs. By heart. And she can sing them on request!
15. She always gives her honest opinion. Even if you were fishing for a compliment. It's good; it keeps you honest, even if you walk away with a bruised ego.
16. She's a fiercely loyal friend.
17. She doesn't see race. A blue martian could walk on the street; and Courtney would notice their great personality instead.
18. She always smells nice. Girlfriend has a serious collection of perfumes and body sprays and some how never smells like a department store employee or a granny.
19. She calls Arnold and Cooper her "nephews". That makes me giggle.
20. She can take a nap; anytime, anywhere. She may be part feline.
21. She always has some kind of neat piece of jewelry on. And usually, she bought it for a quarter at Walmart.
22. She is a hard worker.
23. She is a very caring granddaughter. Each night, she calls our Nana when she gets off work just to check-in and see how her day went.
24. She is an incredible sister; who always comes to my defense.
25. She is kind and gentle to my tender-hearted baby girl.

Happy Birthday, CoCo! We love you so much and hope today is the best day ever for you!


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  1. Aw! That is so sweet! I want a sister so bad! Happy birthday Courtney!