Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Baby Tyrant ...

Don't let that smile fool you... She's ruthless.
Slowly, over the past few weeks, our family has faced a new reality: We are in the full-throttle Terrible Twos. For the most part, that doesn't really mean anything. Beatrice Kate is, at heart, a really good kid. She's sweet, fun and very snugly.

But every once in a while, The Terrible Two Tyrant rears her Tantrum Head and the results are less than pretty:
Snot. And a lot of it.

Oh, that? That was caused by being given a milk cup she deemed less than acceptable. And this?

We were unable to locate "The Perfect Song" on our church CD for a pre-dinner dance sesh. I'm not joking.

For our toddler, The Terrible Twos have taken the shape of full-on meltdowns over simply ridiculous stuff. I feel like I'm living with a hormonal teenager who makes the most outrageous demands just to watch us squirm or jump into action.

Think I'm kidding? Here's a list of things that have caused Beatrice Kate mental pain and anguish over the last few days alone:
  • Mama couldn't make shoes that are three sizes too small fit on our feet.
  • Daddy wouldn't wear his cycling gloves during dinner
  • Mama insists that we wear some form of clothing on the lower half of her body when going out to play on freezing cold days.
  • She wanted to use the Little Potty. No, the big potty. No, the potty seat. No, she wants to use a diaper. WHY AM I WEARING A DIAPER YOU GUYS.
  • Mama and Daddy can't guess the song I'm thinking of right now.
  • Nope, it's not ABC's.
  • Or Row, Row your boat.
  • Never mind, I hate singing anyway.
  • Daddy was unable to construct a tent in less than .0004 seconds.
  • No, don't use that sheet daddy. 
  • Bath tubs aren't for suitable for cloth baby dolls.
  • Baby Dolls don't talk back.
  • Or eat any of the food they are force-fed.
  • We aren't allowed to drink milk in the grocery store. From the gallon jug.
  • Mama doesn't allow stealing from the church nursery's toy collection.
  • Tutus aren't acceptable attire for Sunday service. 
  • Neither is a bathing suit.
See what I mean? We're under the command of a dictator on LSD. Or she's simply just being a normal two year old...  Either way, we'll continue to submit to her demands, no matter how silly it looks on the outside:


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  1. hmm... that last one looks like Casey's just trying to hide :)