Thursday, January 12, 2012

Slices of Life: Where did my baby go?!?

It's well-past time for a Slice of Life post about our every changing baby Beatrice Kate. It seems like overnight she morphed from a smushy, little baby into an independent, tall and confident little girl. Somebody hold me...

Here's some of the things she does these days that I never want to forget:
  • When she wants to be picked up or held, she'll come up to you with her little arms outstretched and say, "I got you (insert name)" or "I need you". Example: I got you, Mama.
  • Each Wednesday, when we head out for playgroup, she tells me that we're "go to see friends, mama!?"
  • Each night, we sing a special Good Night song, where we say goodnight to all our friends. Recently, she's been asking to include her little friends at the end and says, "Night Night Abby? Night Night Simon?" It's so sweet.
  • Speaking of singing, girlfriend loves to belt out a tune! Often throughout the day, I'll catch her singing a mash-up medley of her favorite songs. They usually go something like, "Row, Row Boat, Jesus Bible tells me, rock the baby". 
  • When she sees that someone has noticed her, she'll stop immediately and smile; like she's embarrassed!
  • For the most part, Beatrice Kate knows her colors and can identify them on the first guess. But almost always, if she's stumped or not quite sure of the correct answer, she'll say something is, "Yellowpink"
  • She's very into helping with chores around the house (which we're all about!). She likes to say, "I helping!"
  • Her favorite chore is helping to scoop the dog's food. The other day, after the dogs had eaten, we caught her opening the food bin to hand (piece by piece) food to Cooper. When we asked her what she was doing she said, "Cooper snacks!".
  • When she does something that she thinks should merit your approval, she'll say, "Good Girl. Good Girl!"
  • Bea has become a Little Mommy recently and has really taken an interest in her dolls. And by dolls, I mean "anything she can lay on the floor/bed/couch/pillow" and say "Night Night" to them. Everything in our house goes "Night Night"... including dog toys.
  • Speaking of being a Lil' Mama, Bea also likes to feed everything with a mouth (pretend or not) whatever she's eating and says, "Mm, mm, good. Yum. Mmm" when it's eating.
  • My 21 month old knows how to use an iPhone. She successfully unlocks it and can make a call if allowed. That's just not right.
  • Whenever she eats something new for the first time and she enjoys it, she'll say, "Mmm. I like it"
  • After our Nightly songs, she'll say "I Luf You, Mommy". It. Melts. My. Heart.
  • Her walking and running are improving daily and she's doing it more and more. When she gets on a roll, she'll say, "Go Bea. Go Bea. Go Bea!" It's hilarious.
  • Whenever NC State (or any team with white and red colors) is on TV, Bea will stop in her tracks and shout, "GOOOOOO STATE! PACK! The WOLFPACK! AAHHH-OOOOOO" Her father's heart beams with pride.
  • Somehow she learned the term, "Oh Goodness" and uses it in the correct context. It's so silly.
  • Whenever she asks for something, she'll use "Peas" and "Tank you" correctly. Though, she she says, "Peas", she bows her head like a little Japanese man.
  • Bea knows when she's being silly and trying to make us laugh. We know this because she'll say, "I'm funny!". Yes, sweet girl. You are.


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