Monday, January 16, 2012

Little Song Bird ...

Like I mentioned in my last post, Beatrice Kate loves, loves LOVES to sing. She's quite a singin' little fool, in fact. Thankfully, I remembered to grab my camera and get a few of her favorite songs on video.

Make sure your speakers are on and turned up and enjoy!

First, Bea's singing a Toddler Classic, "Tractor, Tractor":

Next, a little mash-up of Rain Rain Go Away/BINGO/Rockabye Baby. Yes, Rain, Rain morphs into "Reindeer" and BINGO turns into "Mango"; and so what if she's picking her nose during the first twenty second? It's cute regardless:

This next video makes this Mama's heart smile. This girl LOVES Jesus and she loves to sing about him. I just wish she knew how much Jesus loves Beatrice Kate:

And finally, what would singing be without a little dancing too?:

Can you see why we love this girl so much?!? She's kind of amazing, huh?


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