Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Watching the imagination of a toddler develop and grow right in front of my eyes is astounding. I mean, I knew she would eventually want to "Play Pretend" but the rate at which she picks things up and turns them into a game is astounding.
Mischief Managed.

Nearly any, ol' boring family trip say to the Duke Homestead, is an opportunity for a new adventure for her:
Ay-Ya! Take that, and that!

Wide-open spaces become a place to chase and fend off approaching monsters:
I said stand back, you mongrels.

Steps and stones transform into a Broadway Stage:
Let's try it in E flat, boys.

Dark spaces become dungeons or caves, ready for exploration:
You stay here, Daddy. I'll tell you if the coast is clear, ok?
Shut doors need to be knocked on. You know, just to check and see if anyone is home, of course:
Heelllooo? Anybody home?

And her new favorite game? "Storefront":
What'll it be, Big Guy?

I have no idea where she learned this, or when she started doing it because it just kind of "showed up" one day:
We have the finest selection of sticks and rocks this side of town.

Beatrice Kate takes anything (and I mean anything) that has two sides and turns it into a restaurant bar:
Suitable for any pallet, I assure you.

"Want some?," she'll say:

Why yes, yes we do:
If there's one thing that I hope she never grows too old, or too cool for, it's this ability to make magic from seemingly ordinary places. It's truly something special. Kinda' like her:



  1. What a sweet post. She is just adorable! Sounds like you're at such a fun age. I can't wait to see what kind of imagination J has!

  2. That last picture of her - gorgeous!