Monday, December 5, 2011

Decking the Halls ...

We may have been a few days late compared to years previous, but we finally decorated the house for the Holidays this weekend. And our toddler... our sweet, but oh-so-rowdy-and-a-little-rascally toddler, helped.

Before she could help trim the tree, Mommy had the unlucky task of placing and wrapping the lights. It helped that this year's tree was considerably shorter than last year's version:

After that was all taken care of, it was showtime. And by "showtime", I mean it was time for our toddler to work her magic. It started with a pack of Silver Bells:

Girlfriend knew she had a task in front of her, and she was nothing if not meticulous about proper Bell Placement: 

I don't know why I'm shocked at her careful handling of our ornaments.She does nearly everything with the precision of a surgeon. Maybe she'll use her dexterity to make a lot of money someday and take care of her poor, ailing mother...

Anyway, as we were hanging ornaments on our tree this year, I was shocked, in a happy way, to notice how our family ornaments tell the story of our family in a way. For example, there's the ornament given by dear friends at a Christmas party at our very first house:

This one is perhaps the very first ornament we ever had. The angel (as tacky and cheap as she is) that sat atop of our very first tree that we had together:
 Then there's the ornament that symbolizes the day we officially became a family:

Still others, like the collection of beeswax candles from Love Feasts Past, help us remember each year we've spent together since:
Some ornaments help us remember friends we've lost:

Some help us remember how lucky we are for the silly friends we still have:

Of all the ornaments, perhaps this one may be the most important; as it stands for The Reason we do all this in the first place:

Then there are others that symbolize hobbies:
 Some are just silly; like The Christmas Pickle. It started as a joke, and is now a beloved traditional game... sadly, named "Find the Pickle":
Naturally, the smallest member of the family has the most ornaments all to herself:

I mean really, what other child receives so many "Baby's First Christmas" baubles?

Someone might be just a little spoiled ...

Regardless, it all comes together to create something really special:
 Having a smaller tree gave us the opportunity to showcase and use only the ornaments that really meant something... even if it meant we had to let go of our grand visions of cramming a 15-footer into our new, 8-foot ceilings...

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