Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday Tid Bits ...

Time for another random mishmash of stuff going on around here...
  • Finally, I have a name and a web site for my newly established doula business. "Birth Right" Doula Services (click here for link), is up and running! 
  • Speaking of being a doula, I met with my first client last night and I have meetings every night this week and next setting up new relationships! It's a nice mixture of home births, Birthing Center births and hospital births. I'll be a birth attending fool for the next few months. 
  • Also, I've been in contact with some really great companies who are going to start supplying samples, coupons and demo products for me to share with my clients! I'll be like the Santa Claus of the Doula World.
  • All of that is the main reason that our blog has been seriously lacking in any kind of "meaty" content. We've just been SO busy the last month and it's only getting more hectic as the holiday season approaches. Somebody hold me.
  • I think our dogs are mentally challenged. Last night I opened our back door to find Arnold, the 15 year old, barking at the ground. The ground!?!? Weirdo.
  • This week, I'll be heading over to our church to help the Women's Group bake Moravian Sugar Cake. You know, because we're Moravian and being Moravian has it's perks. Like getting the inside scoop on one of the best kept recipes in the world. 
  • We're making all that sugar cake for Candle Tea, held on Dec. 3 at the church, Raleigh Moravian. If you're local, regardless of your religious beliefs, clear your calendar and come to this. It is 1000% worth the time and you'll get free cake, Moravian cookies and overly sugared, Moravian coffee.
  • We Moravians like sweet things, can you tell?
  • Our next door neighbor is most definitely a peeper. If you're friends with me on Facebook then you already know that last week he used a ladder to get on our roof to "blow leaves" (yea, don't even get me started on that either) but he lingered a little too long on the ladder NEXT TO MY BATHROOM WINDOW. Then on Friday, I've seen him randomly stand in his windows looking into our house. 
  • We're getting a 10 foot privacy fence installed at the first of the year and until then, I'll be installing blackout curtain in every room that faces his house. Pervert.
  • Beatrice Kate ate nearly two whole fillets of Tilapia last night. By herself. She loves fish and it's so easy to make that I don't mind at all making it in bulk for her.
  • It was nice enough outside last night that Casey took Bea on a bike ride. When I got home, she reported to me that "BeaBea and Dada go zoom." Presh.
  • Each night for the last month or so, I've been singing a little song we made up just before we put Bea to bed. Now, she's decided that she has to hear the song before she can even go in her room and starts demanding, "Song. Song, Mama."
  • Have I mentioned lately how amazing that kid is?
So there it is. I feel like our family has been going a million miles an hour and I simply don't have the time or energy for a super thoughtful blog post these days.

But don't worry, tomorrow I'll be back with an extra special post for the first ever World Prematurity Day. 'Cause I can't let National Prematurity Awareness Month fly by unmentioned, you know.


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  1. I love a tid-bits post!! Makes me feel like I have a glimpse into your lives (in a non-peeper-ish way). I know.. I know.. I shouldn't joke.