Wednesday, November 2, 2011


For more Halloween Cuteness, check out yesterday's post here.

There are a lot of reasons we moved to our neighborhood in Durham, NC. It's close to Casey's office, it's pedestrian friendly, we really love Durham. The list goes on and on. Now, we can add something else to this list:
This house had a sign AND a balloon. They were practically fishing for toddlers.

Toddler-Ween. An event sponsored by our neighbor-neighborhood, Old West Durham, in which houses allow parents of toddlers the opportunity to Trick-or-Treat, without fear of their little ones being trampled to death by The Naughty Nurse or Freddy Kruger-costumed teenagers. As an added bonus, most of these houses handed out toddler appropriate treats (we'll get to that in a second).

Once I got wind of this Parade of Adorableness, there was no way we were going to miss it. Even sub-zero temperatures and rain showers couldn't stop us; 'cause I'm a responsible parent like that. So at 4 p.m. on the nose, Casey came home early from work and Beatrice Kate was dressed and ready to hit the town for some candy:
Did you say CANDY?
Well, after a few photo opportunities for Mama:
I swear, she was smiling like .002 seconds before this picture was taken.
I thought you guys said we were going to get some candy?! Let's go already.
At first, the rain was simply not okay with her:
You guys, this is practically child abuse.
But eventually, we just kept saying "candy" enough that she decided to go see what the fuss was about:
I die of cuteness overload over this shot. The tail is simply too much.
Bea has been really funny lately about taking things from people other than Mommy or Daddy. So, when presented the a giant bowl of candy from a stranger, Girlfriend was a little unsure of what to do:
Oh, Gee. Um, Let's see here. What am I supposed to do again?
But when she saw another Costumed Toddler approaching, she finally made a selection:
You'll have to wait your turn, Pumpkin. I want to be sure I choose the best one for myself.
Of course, after she selected one of her favorites (M&Ms), she insisted on sampling it. Rightthatsecond:
Despite the early candy deposits, the best part of Todder-Ween for Beatrice Kate, was by far the selection of "Toddler Treats" handed out. One house gave her a straw. To a normal different kid, this might be kinda lame. But for Bea, it was practically the Jackpot:
This is the best day of my life.
Once she realized that this whole "Strangers handing stuff out to me" gig was pretty sweet, she was all about it and demanded to walk most of the route. Despite the rain. And the wind. And the cold. She's a trooper like that:
Unfortunately for her, her Mama isn't so rough and tumbled and we called it quits after a few blocks. Still, her take for the night was pretty sweet:

And for a toddler who 1) never really gets candy 2) rarely even gets fruit juice; initially she was all:

What's not pictured here are: a clementine (because she ate it, peel and all, before we rounded the block), a Tootsie Roll pop (which was confiscated once she ate through the wrapper and widdled it down to the chewy center), and a homemade cookie (because, really? Who hands out baked goods these days? Do those people not watch the news?!? Parents have been scared into thinking there's LSD baked into it and screen candy these days for things like that.).

Shortly after Beatrice Kate surveyed her loot, I found her like this:
Yep, that's M&M dribble down the front of that costume.
And her perspective on her Trick-or-Treat stash looked more like this:

So, we gave in and gave her a few fruit chews and four more M&Ms and then she proceeded to run around the house like a lunatic. Then, it was bathtime, because her feet? They were kinda gross (and probably really, really cold):
Note to self: Shoes need to be a part of next year's costume.
And, after bath and the sugar-high had worn off, Bea decided to snuggle-in to Mama's robe for her last milk cup of the night. Which, of course, I happily obliged. Because, sometimes, you have to make sacrifices for your children:
Seriously. Sweetest. Baby. EV-AR.
We think Beatrice Kate had a pretty fantastic first Trick-or-Treating experience, despite the crappy Carolina weather. Tuesday morning, she woke up and asked to wear the "Cat Hat":
Yea, girl. You're lookin' good.

And then, proceeded to wear it most of the day:
Ok. Really? This is just gettin' kinda weird.

She's unique. That's for sure.


  1. Cutest kitty EVER! Sure wish there was something Toddler friendly by us. We went to the church fall fest and even the toddler room wasn't toddler friendly and totally overwhelmed my little one. She was a fan of the candy though and has eaten her weight in Kit Kats and M&M's.

  2. This post gave me so many chuckles!!! Seriously...funny. I'm bummed that the weather plopped on our plans to join you. It looks like it was fun!