Sunday, November 13, 2011

Oh, Your FAH-THUR...

Beatrice Kate has discovered a way to simultaneously break her father's heart and make her mother bust out laughing...She's started calling her Daddy by his first name.

At first, we thought it was just a fluke. Our Little Mockingbird mimicking her Grandma:
Grandma: Case, do you want me to change her diaper?
Beatrice Kate: Case. Case? Dada.

A week later, she started saying, "Case!" whenever Casey would leave the house for work. Surely she wasn't calling him that, right? She knows Dada. "Dad" was one of her first word, if not THE first word.

Sadly, there's no denying it now. As her Daddy comes home from work these, she greets him with an emphatic, "There's CASE!" And when he's at work or yesterday morning, at church, she asks me, "Case go bye?" Or, she'll run behind him begging for his attention or help with something by saying, "Case. Case! CASE-Y. HELP."

Casey wants me to take a moment to re-emphasize how upset this makes him. Each time she refuses to call him "Daddy" or "Dad" or even, "Da"; a little piece of his heart is broken a little more. He tries to correct her by suggesting words that sound similar:
Beatrice Kate: "Case. Help, peez" (Casey, help me please) and hand overs something for him to fix...
Casey: Why yes, I do use keys to drive my car.

Beatrice Kate: "That's Case! I see you, Case!"
Casey: I see you Beatrice Kate. And I see the flower vase here on the table.

I, on the other hand, am not so dramatic. I think it's hilarious. At least, until she's thirteen and is screaming, "Ashley, you're so uncool." But that'll never happen, right?


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