Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ...

Ok, so maybe not so much A LOT like it; but the Holiday Season is definitely lurking right around the corner these days. For a Christmas-Junkie like myself... I welcome the lights and trees edging out Halloween decorations in local stores.

And I'm already giddy thinking about planning our family's Seasonal Photoshoot; especially when I look back to last year's images:

And even though the new house might not have the ceiling clearance for a 12-foot repeat of last year's tree, there is almost certainly going to be one tradition we'll carry regardless of where we live- Holiday Cards. I love, love, love to give and receive cards each year. I may or may not actually mail out cards, for the sole purpose of getting one back.

I take a lot of pride in displaying my our cards. The extra-special cards earn a special spot on our Christmas Tree, right next to the ornaments. At the end of the season, I carefully wrap them up and save them for the next year. Don't worry, the others we receive each year are taped to a main doorway so everyone can see how popular we are our collection; and we save those too! In a few years, you might see me on Hoarders: Buried Alive by The Holidays because of this collection.

Anyway this year, if you're on our Christmas Card Mailing List, be on the look out for even more special Postal Treat from us. That's because for this Card Season, we're partnering with Tiny Prints for a set of beautiful cards.

The people at Tiny Prints have clearly read my mind because as I was scanning their site trying to narrow down my choices for this year's cards, I stumbled on these:
A card and an ornament?!? Mind? Blown.

So what if you're not a cardament kind of person? They've got your back too and offer a huge (and really, I mean huge) selection of cards which YOU can choose their shapes and sizes.

I love that in addition to the traditional Holiday colors, they also feature more contemporary themes (yes, the Cardament falls into that category). These ain't your Grandma's Christmas cards:
I think all Christmas cards should have balloons. Jesus' birthday is a celebration you know...

I'm totally stealing this photo idea...

Especially good choice for Indecisive Weirdos like me.
So, want to know the best part about this Tiny Print deal?! They don't just want to partner with me (I know, I was shocked too!). In fact, if you have a blog; you could score 50 free Holiday Cards for your family too!! Just click this link and sign-up. Tiny Prints will get back to you and you'll be on your way to Holiday Happiness too!

*While Tiny Print is supplying me with 50 free cards for this post, the opinions expressed are entirely my own. I am, in fact, just a bizarre human who likes to decorate her tree with cards and feels totally validated by the number of cards hanging on my door frame each year. So there. Now you know.


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  1. Awesome! I've been in a void of Christmas cards the past couple of years because of all the moving around but we should be in this place for at least 2 Christmas's so card time this year! (Course I may need to enlist the help of a friend with a good photographic eye to get a couple family shots for me... *hint hint wink wink*)