Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday ...

It's Wednesday! And there's a lot I'm loving this week:

First, I'm loving that so far in Weight Watchers, I've lost FIVE pounds!! I know, I know. It's not a lot and I haven't dropped any dress sizes but still; it's something and it's only been two weeks.

I'm loving, loving, loving this cup that I bought for Beatrice Kate on Amazon:
It's been so great for teaching Bea how to hold and drink out of a non-lidded cup. We're still working on learning how not to dump the entire contents on a dog, however.

I'm loving the 5K training class that I've been taking for the past two weeks:
It's run through the Stroller Strides franchise we used to attend when we lived in Raleigh. On top of getting fit, it's a great place for us to catch up with our old-town friends!

I'm loving this totally tacky and kitschy Halloween wreath I made last night for our front door:

We all know, I'm not much of a crafter; but when I saw how simple this project was I figured even I couldn't screw it up. Of course, the inspiration wreath is much nicer and classier, but it's for Halloween, right? So a little gaudy never hurt anyone.

Actually, let's just go ahead and say I'm loving this entire site:
 Unfortunately, it makes me think I'm crafty and a happy homemaker which is rarely the case, but she has some super cute ideas!

I'm loving my Pinterest finds this week. Can you tell we're hosting a Halloween Party soon?:

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

And as always, I'm loving my sweet girl, who just informed me that, "No, want french toast. No egg. Yum.". I guess I better get busy making up some breakfast, huh? It's a good think I love her so much:

What's on your lists this week?



  1. Doidy Cups are far more common in the UK! I remember wondering if I should get one and then just never got around to it. Those Mummy dogs just give me the creeps every time I see them!!

  2. I love all of the above!!! I want to make a wreath now!! I made my yarn wreath I blogged about but it's the accessory part that I am lost on! I'm not that creative!

  3. Congrats on your five pounds!! That is great!!! :) I just ran my first 5K, so good luck!!
    Came over from WILW

  4. whoo hoo 5 pounds that is exciting.

    i love all the halloween pins. it's got me even more excited for halloween.


  5. Those are such cute smart fun cups adorable to say the least & you did a great job on the wreath... It turned out very cute ;)