Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Slices of Life

I'm borrowing another blogger's great idea of capturing and writing down the fun(nier) and sweet Beatrice Kate moments that I don't want to forget. And with my serious case of Mama Brain, that's a real possibility these days! Don't even get me started on what a Parenting Failure I am for Bea's non-existent baby book...

Anyway, here are some of the things I want to be sure I remember someday:
  • Right now, Bea is all about anything cows. I would blame it on our recent trip to The Vollmer Farm for starting the obsession; but seeing as she had no interest in the actual, live Cow... I assume it started because it's a fun word to say. "Say" being the key word; because this week, it's all she's saying. She'll work it into the most random sentences. For example, last night on the way home from Chick-Fil-A (remember that talk about how non-awesome I am as a homemaker?) she would say, "Home, Owl, Cow." and "I go walk? Cow?" and my personal favorite, "Mama. Cow. Love". I'll try not to hold it against her. 
  • Speaking of her love affair with cows, when asked what a cow says she quickly responds with: "Cow. Boooooooo." We got some work to do on those consonants.
  • This week, I've been picking up random decorations here and there for a Halloween Party we're throwing later this month. Beatrice Kate "helped" me put these things away this afternoon and we talked, briefly, about the items; specifically about the Tinsel Covered Ghost. Flash forward a few hours and as Casey was home and changing out of his work clothes, Beatrice Kate brought the Ghost to him  saying, "Oooo. Dad. Gosst. Ahhh"
  • Anytime Bea puts something on her wrists- whether it's a bracelet or a hairbow or strangely, a bag handle- she'll run to show it to you and say, "Oooo, Pitty" (Oh, pretty)
  • Sometime over the past week, Bea has started saying, "Yesh" (yes) or "MmmHmm" and "Nope" when asked if she wants something. It's (usually) really cute.
  • Bea loves hats; specifically wearing hats. The kid can turn anything into a hat and I think it's hilarious to see her imagination at work. Recently her "hats" have included: pants, a diaper, shoes, leg warmers, a bowl and my personal favorite, a piece of turkey.
And because no post is complete with out a cute picture of The Busy Bea herself... I'll leave you with this classic Bea shot (chocolate cookie on her face, helmet on crooked, trying to figure out exactly how that buckle contraption works...):


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  1. love it! zoe has a favorite sandra boynton book, and has now shortened the name to "boo la la"