Monday, October 3, 2011

Serendipity in Weekend Form ...

I think some the content of this post will probably spill over into other posts this week. That's because we just had one of the most busy, most fun and most fulfilling weekends I think our family has ever had. And honestly, that's no exaggeration. We're blissfully tired. And I love it.

And we didn't pre-plan a single minute of it. Plans just fell into place, at the perfect times, for the perfect occasions. Serendipity at it's best...

It all started on Saturday, when we took the boys over to the APS of Durham's Dog Wash:
 A full post on this is coming tomorrow; because the photos? They tell the whole, comically pitiful story. For now, we'll just say that Poor Arnold still hasn't recovered from his death-bath  scrub down.

Later that day, we met up with our good friends The Michaelsons (remember the camping trip? Yep, they're the ones with a Marriott in their tent). We love to hang out with them because they're raising their sweet girl Livvy by smothering her with love and attention with a lot of the same values and methods that we use with Beatrice Kate. And it shows in how our girls interact with each other- sweet, kind, gentle, diva:

Nothing says, "True Friendship" like a forced photo opportunity!

Anyway, Cindi and Mark were kind enough to offer up two free tickets to see our beloved Wolfpack play against GA Tech. The last time we took Bea to a game, she was small enough to still want to snuggle and nap. Things are a lot different now and sitting in our laps was... at times, just so uncool, Mom, Gosh. Needless to say, we weren't sure how long we would last before we had to go home.
Oh. Sorry. Are we bothering you, miss?
Regardless, it gave me a decent reason to dress Bea in her new (to her) NC State Cheerleading Uniform (and a pair of Leg Warmers and an old hairbow she's half-outgrown.). We'll call this the "I got dressed in the dark" "Indy-Hipster Cheerleading Look":
Aunt Meg and her cats will be proud she's embraced the Durham style so well.

Surprisingly, the girls were really great at the game. For the most part, they watched the action on the field:

And were really in love with the Jumbotron:
 I don't think either one watches a lot of television, so it was a novelty to them. As far as my husband was concerned, whatever worked to extend his only live Wolfpack game of the season as long as possible was fine by him (and by Mark):

Bea and I spent a lot of the time walking around the concourse. It got quite chilly during the afternoon, and being the incredibly responsible parent I am, I forgot a coat for my child. So, I got all Project Runway on her and rigged up my scarf on her little neck instead. I think I created a monster:
Uh, are these seats lined with Parisian Goose Down? I only sit on French Feathers now, please.
 Sunday, Casey and I were asked to keep the Preschool Nursery. Neither of us really knew what to expect, because Bea usually goes to the infant version on Sundays. She's due to transition this fall; so it was a great way to check it out beforehand. We ended up only have three other kids, but they were so fantastic!

It was shocking to both Casey and I at the difference in development of an 18 month old (Bea) and a 2 year old. From the looks of it, we're going to have our hands full in a few months!

After church and a family naptime, we rode our bikes over to Fullsteam Brewery for a late lunch/early dinner. Riding our bikes and walking to places around town is a big part of the reason we moved to Durham in the first place. So I was so happy to be doing it more as a family! Bea (despite what this picture shows) was excited about it too:
When we got to the Brewery, we were pleasantly surprised to see a "Learn to Jam" group set up and playing Bluegrass tunes inside:
Beers and Babies. A natural paring, right?

Bea was in heaven. There were dogs:
Uh, he's behind you Bea. Maybe we should get those eyes checked soon.

French fries (and Ketchup!):
What? Like you don't give your toddler fried foods.

She's cultured like that.
And a lot of room to run around and dance:
Perfecting her signature move, "The Chicken Wing Swing"

Naturally, she won over a few new fans with her dance floor skillz. A couple sitting behind us snapped this photo of their dog, and guess who crashed their shot? They kindly asked to email it to us and we happily accepted!:
Introducing... The FullSteam Creeper! (That's my girl!)
Seeing as the Jam Sesh is a weekly occurrence, it goes without saying that we'll have a repeat of the afternoon in the near future!

Oh, and can I get a "Holla" for my bike riding attire. I mean, seriously, who else goes cycling in Silver Sparkly TOMS?:

Case and I were both a little sad to see this weekend come to an end. It was revitalizing to our souls to spend such quality, happy time together. As a family. I think we're both re-energized about our lives here in Durham, now and we're really looking forward to making many more memories soon.

Hope your weekend was just as enjoyable!


  1. you kiddo is SO cute! thanks for sharing :)

  2. i love love love those toms!! and bea's baby scarf!!