Monday, October 17, 2011

Reunited and it feels so good ...

It happened. My aforementioned 10 year high school reunion was this weekend. And? It was kinda ...

Awesome! I'll admit it, I was really, really nervous about going to the thing to begin with. Aside from the obvious not-using-my-fancy-degree thing, plus the fact that I'm like 2,000 times the size I was in high school I was envisioning being laughed off campus from the get go. And once there, it quickly became apparent that I was in an extreme minority of fellow alumni who:
  • Are married
  • Have a child (in particular, a young child)
  • Are not currently still in some form of graduate school, post-doc, medical school, fellowship, etc.
Plus, I was worried that I would be "That Girl". The one that no one recognized, who was only greeted by first name after a clear glance at the name tags...

Well, that wasn't the case at all. In fact, it was really, really fun. It helped that my former hallmate and all around amazing friend Rebecca was there to entertain my child shuffle me around:

The day was absolutely beautiful to begin with, and before I go any further... can I get an "Amen" for this ridiculously cute outfit my child was wearing. I mean, come on... Baby Jeggings!?! I die:
Rachel Zoe would be proud.
I'll be honest and say that I knew deep down that it didn't matter if not a single person recognized me, or wasn't impressed by my awesome "job". Beatrice Kate was my secret weapon. My Ace in the back pocket. Who could resist her charm? The newly-minted NCSSM mascot, for one, was unable to back away:
Yes. Our high school mascot is a unicorn. Go ahead and excuse yourself while you make fun of it. Ok. Feel better now? Back on track...Beatrice Kate was game for a single photo. After that, she tried to flee:
Mom. What is that thing?!?
It looks like a horse. But it's not... I can tell. Get. Me. Outta. Here!!!
Anyway, Beatrice Kate knows when to turn on the cute and she turned it on and up this weekend. I think nearly every. single. person. at that reunion commented on how amazingly well-behaved she was. I was beaming with pride every time I got to say, "And this, is my husband Casey and our daugther, Beatrice Kate." It was kind of amazing.

After a barbecue and the mascot torture, Rebecca and I enlisted the help of a student "attache" to sneak us back on to our old hall. There was certainly some "Back in my day" talk on the way, as we told the students about all the good make-out spots how different things were when we were there. We felt old, especially when the tour guide called us "Ma'am". But it didn't matter, we were soon rounding the corner back to our Old Stomping Grounds, 1D. Which, I need to point out, Rebecca has this crazy numerical memory thing and can still, even 10 years later, tell you the code to the door... weird, huh?:
See that furniture? I'm kinda grossed out to tell you that it is the very same furniture we had. 10 years ago... let that sink in for a bit.

While on hall, we invited ourselves into kindly asked the current residents of our old rooms for a reminiscent view; and once again, dated ourselves with "When we were here..." talk. On the way out, we walked by this sign:
And I thought it was great. But I knew just how to improve it even more...

After the tours and slideshows and even more reminiscing, we met up with a group of our classmates at a local bar and restaurant; where Bea continued her Cuteness Tirade. Since we had the baby (and yes, I did bring my baby to a bar) we called it an early night.

Judging by the fact that Rebecca didn't come home until 4 a.m.... I would say that the rest of the crew had a rowdy good time as well at the Gala Dinner and Late Night Reception.

It was great to see our old friends again, catch up with everyone and validate that even if my life isn't very glamorous anymore it's certainly fulfilling. And, really? I would rather have that any day!


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  1. Was Bea voted best dressed? Because she probably stole the show!