Monday, October 10, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Kids: Part One (The Preemie Pumpkin)

This weekend, we piled up the car with the wagon, a bag full of snacks, one tired baby and hit the road with one fun destination in mind: The Vollmer Farm. On top of providing one of the best CSA boxes ever, they also have a great, hands-on farm that you can visit and do things like... pick your own pumpkin.

Brace yourselves, as the on-coming photos may kill you with cuteness overload. It's nearly too much to take all at once, so we'll break it all down over the next few days:
Minions, I prefer a constant speed much faster than this. Mush! Mush!

We weren't alone! Our usual crowd of babies and friends joined us for our first collective family pumpkin patch experience:
Uh, Guys. What is THIS GUY doing here, too? And more importantly, how did he get MY SNACK TRAP?

And what an experience it was. First, there was fresh, locally made ice cream:
You cannot buy me with Ice Cream. Okay, maybe you can.

And then there were, of course, pumpkins:
A real, live pumpkin patch? Nearly too exciting for words.

Pumpkins galore:
I don't see any pumpkins...Where did they go?

Beatrice Kate didn't know where to start looking first:
Oh! I see them! Here! And here! And here! And there's one over there, too, guys!

She was just excited to be out and about on a beautiful, Fall day:
Ahhhh, this sun is so relaxing. A little wind in my hair, too? I'm all set here guys.

Abby, a natural-born leader, took charge right away and led the crew to the best of the crop:
Stop wasting time, Bea. We have PUMPKINS to pick!

But Beatrice Kate, the sweet, tender-hearted little thing that she is, stopped mid-tracks when she spotted her pumpkin:
Is that a pumpkin just for me?

It was a pumpkin made just for her. The Preemie Pumpkin:
It's the Great Pumpkin Teeny Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

She tried for nearly 15 minutes to pick The Preemie Pumpkin. But, just like her, it needed a little time to grow and get strong before it was ready to see the world:
I've nearly got it guys. Don't worry.
Just. Uh. Hold on. Almost there....Whew. Nevermind. It needs to get a little bigger, huh?

So, we said our good-byes to the Preemie Pumpkin, with promises to come back another day to visit and check in:
Buh-Bye Preemie Pumpkin!

Luckily, Daddy was right there to console her:
I told you. These photos will melt your face with their cuteness.

And to show her the other fun things just around the corner ...
Wow! What's over here, you guys!?!
More on that... tomorrow ...



  1. That's the cutest little preemie patch story I've ever heard! She looks adorable basking in the sun :) Can't wait to see more!

  2. Gorgeous photos. Love the preemie pumpkin!