Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Pumpkin Patch Kids: The Adventures Continue ...

If yesterday's post wasn't enough to convince you of how awesome The Vollmer Farm is; I have no doubt, today's will have you Googling it in a jiffy.

After we said our goodbye's to The (now) Infamous Preemie Pumpkin, we quickly turned our attention to the other fun things that the farm had to offer. First up was the horse-tire-swing-thing (that's the official name, I'm sure of it):
One of us is way more into this swing than the other. I'm not saying who.

Then, of course, there were more pumpkins and gourds all over the place. Here's a fact: Babies + Gourds + Imagination = Funnest Toys EVAR:

Wait. I said babies...

Oh, whatever. Imagination doesn't stop when you become parents, right?:
These two are clearly soul mates.

Anyway, the natural next step when you have a gaggle of babies all together is to attempt a group shot, right?
Ok, everyone look happy! Wait, we said "happy!" not, "Miserable and Tired".

Well, we tried:

And tried:

But, frankly, it started going down hill pretty quickly and we abandoned the dream of  "All Babies Look at the Camera" and settled for "All babies don't have a meltdown":

After that disaster, we loaded up the kids, wagon, strollers and Daddies for a hayride. That adventure was quickly overshadowed by one of the top three All-Time Baby Favorites: A Giant Balloon:

For most of the ride, Beatrice Kate was fixated on finding that hot air balloon:
You Guys, I know it's up there somewhere. I JUST KNOW it.

Our hayride destination, The Back Forty, provided even more beautiful photo backdrops things to keep the kids occupied. Our kids were a little too young to enjoy the majority of the activities, but there were a few free things that grabbed their attention.

Sunflower, for starters, seemed to be an instant hit:

We're just going to assume she ended up smelling this flower, instead of eating it. But I'm not 100% sure that's the case

Noticing that my child looked a little like a Baby Gap model, I seized the chance to snap a few Christmas Card-worthy images:

The sunflower field also set the puppy love mood between Beatrice Kate and her main squeeze, Sam. Well, maybe more for Sam than Beatrice Kate...
Who's crashin' my photo shoot?
Oh. Hi Sam. I mean, I guess I could stop for you...

But, I'm gonna play hard to get.
Well, maybe not that hard to get... You are pretty handsome. And funny.

Whispering Sweet Nothings...
Uh, Say what??????

Oh, Sammy. You didn't have to get me any flowers!

Yea, these are pretty awesome overalls. And these buckles? They're MAY-JA'

Yea, I've even got two of 'em. Cause I'm awesome like that.
You watch that hand buddy. My Daddy is watching and he's not going to be OK with this.

Finally, we moved over to the small animal enclosure, where Beatrice Kate was more interested in becoming the animals than actually seeing them:

She's a bit of a camera ham, huh?

Bea eventually did make it around to see the new baby calf, which, is quite possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen:

Even though Bea paid about .000001 second attention to the cow, she hasn't stop talking about it since we've been home. In between the hysterics and tantrums she threw in the carseat on the way home, she would randomly blurt out, "Bye, Cow. Love, Cow. Bye!"  It was precious.
Bye, Cow. I've gotta go pitch a fit for 50 minutes straight because I hate my carseat. See you soon!
 It really was, even if my ears were bleeding on the way back to Durham.



  1. Ashley, Your pictures are fabulous. I think there are some Christmas card worthy shots for sure. If it stops raining this week, we are hitting the farm this weekend.

    Sorry Beatrice Kate hates the carseat. I am sure it can make for some long trips.

  2. LOVE this post! She is such a ham. I think my favorites are the lines under the picture...LOL :)

    Adair HATES a carseat too...something about these girls and a carseat.

  3. Love the running commentary. Hilarious! And Bea could totally be a Baby Gap model!