Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mominista/Fashionista ...

I think we can all accept that most of the time, being a mother (especially a new mother) is not exactly...glamorous. So, when BlogHer approached me to take part in their Life Well Lived: Looking Your Best series, my first reaction was uh, me?

But then I saw the focus questions: Purses, Belts, Boots, Scarves and Bling – How can you bring your look to life with accessories? and I was all, "Yeah, I got this".

You see, I have a bit of an accessory addict. If I can pair an outfit with a scarf, sparkly shoes or some kind of fancy, schmancy jewerly; well, I'll do it. Sometimes at the risk of appearing to have gotten dressed in the dark. I even toted along one of my favorite scarves to Machu Picchu, Peru, just to help liven up our photos:
Oh yea, and I rocked a pair of earrings during the entire 4 day, smelly hike.

Scarves haven't just been limited to "Travel Attire" for me either. I have an entire separation collection of "fancy scarves" that serve two purposes: 1) Keeping you warm 2) Add a splash of color to nice outfits:
Wine optional. But certainly recommended.
Ok, sure these photos are from before Beatrice Kate came into the family and we had time for fancy dinners and glasses of wine. But, being a scarf addict has only helped my fashion sense now that I'm a mother. That's because, scarves can serve a third function: Hiding baby puke:
You'd never even know that she vomited down my cleavage shortly before this photo
My accessories addiction doesn't stop with just scarves though. Now that I have a daugther, we can do things like purchase matching shoes. Because, really, what daugther doesn't want to look exactly like mom? So I got us both a pair of sparkly, silver TOMS:
Hers came with an extra helping of Smarm.
Mine came with a lifetime of Cankles.
What's better? My little diva has taken up my love for all things accessory. She's started requesting her own scarves, hat, fancy shoes and sunglasses:
Pretty soon, she'll be asking for make-up and a pony and keys to our cars. Well, she's certainly not getting any make-up until she's 40.

Anyway, head over BlogHer's Life Well Lived conversation and check out how I answered the question: How can you bring your look to life with accessories? Don't forget to add in your answer, too!

Be sure to enter the Live Well Lived Moments Sweepstakes for a chance to win $250, just by sharing a moment in your life that added up to a Life Well Lived.

And finally... comment below and tell me how your use accessories to brighten your outfits! I'd love to hear your accessory addiction stories. Plus, I'll take any and all free fashion advice, so please comment away!


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