Tuesday, October 18, 2011

18 month well check at 19 months old...

Want to hear about my parenting failure for the month? How about the fact that I scheduled my child's 18 month well check for her 19th month of life. Loving, huh? Anyway, neglectful parenting aside, yesterday was that visit with Dr. Calm. And girlfriend rocked it:
 Eighteen Month Stats:
  • Height: 30.5 Inches (10 %)
  • Weight: 22 pounds, 4 ounces (15%)
  • Head: 18 1/4 inches (45%) 
  • Weight to Length: 50%
Physically, Beatrice Kate is still on the smaller side of the growth curve. She may never be a big person; with or without the "Small for Gestational Age" branding she received in the NICU. What's more important is the fact that she was born in the 1% range for weight; and now she's in the 15%. That's pretty good growing, kiddo! I attribute it to the fact that she eats all the freakin' time now (but, please don't mistake that statement for complaining, because I am SO THANKFUL we're out of the Puff Days)
Oh, you know. Just eating. Again. Doesn't everyone have a third breakfast?

Developmentally, well... she blew Dr. Calm away. When the doctor walked into the room, the first thing out of Bea's mouth was, "Hello. I wear shoes. You wear shoes too?" Dr. Calm nearly lost her marbles at how far Bea has come in just eighteen short months. She thinks Bea has not only "caught up" developmentally with her fellow 18-month peers; Bea may even nearly a year ahead of them with her verbal skills. I was beaming with pride as Beatrice Kate named all the pictures in the room, mimicked Dr. Calm's actions with her own Popsicle stick and sat politely and calmly during her examination:
Just maxin' and relaxin. Ain't no thang.
We've been seeing Dr. Calm since the day Bea was discharged from the NICU, so she is familiar with Bea's history and more importantly, with our family. I was excited to showcase my Amazing Growing Child at today's appointment.

Dr. Calm kept remarking about Bea's exceptionally cooperative behavior during the exam. Bea even tried to mimic her "deep breath" sounds while Dr. Calm listened to her heart and lungs. It was so precious! Maybe she'll grow up to be a doctor of her own someday!

Immunologically, Dr. Calm feels that Beatrice Kate is ready to be treated like a "normal" toddler. Meaning, while we shouldn't let her run around licking public door handles, she doesn't have to be kept in a bubble as much as last year. Though, because is so healthy now, she doesn't qualify for the monthly RSV shot this winter; so we will still be cautious through this cold and flu season. (Read: Yes, you will be expected to wash your hands, sanitize and remain smoke free when you come to our house. And, if you're sick? Come another day)

After a quick Hep A booster and a flu shot (for both of us!), I treated myself  Beatrice Kate to a piece of cake and a vanilla milk at Starbucks for her Stand-out Good Behavior during the appointment. Oh ok, the Starbucks stop was more for me; but I swear, I offered her the cake, and she turned it down...:

I cannot believe that Beatrice Kate is already eighteen months old. I feel like I keep saying, "Oh, this is my favorite age" at every age; but truly... this may be my favorite age yet. She is just so much fun and she makes me smile and laugh all the time. Her sense of humor is so unique and silly; and I can't get enough of it. Beatrice Kate may very well be the funniest person I know!

Still, as proud as I am to see her grow and change and get stronger and healthier... it breaks this Mama's heart just a little to see her getting more and more independent each day and needing me less and less.

I really hope she'll be cool with having her mom be her college roommate; 'cause I don't ever want to be away from her...


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