Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday ...

Hola Faithful Readers (Daddy)! I should come up with some kind of clever, catchy name for our regular blog readers... Worker Beas? Friendly Beas? Bea-utifuls? Anyway I get side tracked easily. Enough of that tangent.

It's Wednesday! And seeing as I was a total slacker last week, I should have double the amount of stuff I'm loving this week, right? Yea. Something like that... Here goes:

First up this week, I'm loving the fact that Bea's nursery mural is finally complete and her room doesn't look like a crazy art student's studio anymore!

I'm loving that both my husband and I are finally over this horrible-no-good cold we've been fighting for days. Being sick at the same time and being parents of a very mobile toddler is awful.

I'm loving that the new Fall shows and season premieres have started debuting! So far, my favorites are: New Girl (on Fox), Grey's Anatomy (once I got over last season's dismal portrayal of a 23-weeker's birth and NICU stay), and of course... Modern Family. I nearly wet my pants watching that last week.

I'm loving this recipe for Cashew Crusted Salmon that I made for dinner last night. It was Ah-Mazing.

I'm loving that during our drive home from our weekend excursion, I looked back to check on My Precious and this is what I saw:

If nothing else, she was inventing ways to keep herself entertained during the drive. Of course, 30 seconds later, it was an all out conniption to get out of that car seat.

I'm loving that this weekend, we're rumored to be getting some Fall-like weather! I'm over this sweltering hot mess that's been plaguing us lately.

I'm loving my Pinterest finds for the week:

Now I just need someone to come and create all these things for me, because? Let's get honest. I'm not crafty and it will never happen if left up to me.

I'm loving this toy that I bought for Bea at IKEA last week. We're not usually the "Buy your kid a new toy for the heck of it" kind of family, but for $7? It was worth it. Actually, she's probably loving it more than I am. She'll spent up to 20 minutes playing with it; and in Mom Time, that's like 2 hours:

And finally, if you couldn't tell, I'm loving My Sweet Baby, Beatrice Kate, who this week, picked out a baby doll all by herself. I'll leave it at that:



  1. We love our snack trap but haven't managed to get our stinky toes in it just yet! haha so cute:) I love her choice of baby doll! Have a happy Wednesday!

  2. i think you should refer to us as honey beas and you can call your parents et. al. bea keepers :) i love that NOEL artwork and think i could actually make it happen! hope to see you guys soon!

  3. Love your pins! Totally puts me in a good holiday mood :)

    Trish @ Tales from ...

  4. great things you're loving! sorry to hear you were sick, but I'm glad you're better! and I love New Girl too! It's hilarious!

    {I've got a Kate Spade giveaway going on right now & love to see you there!}

  5. I LOL when I saw the picture of Bea and the snack trap!! I love this are such a great writer. Where did you get Bea's doll? We have been looking for a soft doll like that. How was the trip to Ikea. We are faithful Ikea lovers and always like to hear what others find there. Talk to you soon...would love a playdate!!!! Cindi

  6. Great pins! I'm loving the same shows as you. The New Girl cracks me up! Bea is precious as usual :)

  7. Dropping by for WILW! That's a hilarious photo of your daughter with her foot in the snack trap, LOL! I have the same Ikea toy for my 13 month old son, he is not into it quite yet, I am hoping for 20 minutes of self entertainment . . . one of these days, ha ha!

  8. Loving your bins and the sweet baby doll! :)