Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday ...

It's Wednesday ... and I'm loving quite a bit these days!

Let's start with the fact that I'm loving (and excited!) that so many friends emailed, Facebooked, commented or told me they loved the idea of our new Friday Confessionals weekly link-up. I'm also excited to see that several of you plan to join us this week! I hope to see you there! I know, for me at least, it was comforting to know that life isn't always as perfect as blogging makes it out to be!

I'm loving the new toddler-friendly tool kit from Melissa and Doug that I picked up at Carters for $9 this weekend for the Busy Bea:
We figured that since she loves to follow her Daddy around assembling furniture, we might as well make it a little more ... safety focused and take away the real versions of these tools. Busy Bea didn't seem to mind the swap one bit:
Bea the Builder.
I'm loving that by this time tomorrow, my house will be fully painted (well, except for our office but that's like 2 years from being finished) and I can finally start decorating our living room. We've been in the new house for over a month and it still feels like we're in a vacation house. I'm looking forward to finally making our house into a home and putting a few personal touches up around here.

I'm loving the fact that when I did Busy Bea's laundry this morning, after our infamous hiking and camping excursion over the weekend, I discovered the world's smallest acorn; stowed away in one of her tiny pockets. I mean seriously, could this be any more precious?:

I'm loving the fact that on Thursday last week, I went to buy a desk from someone off of Craigslist and ended up with a new friend by the end of the transaction! Turns out, the lady whom I purchased the desk from has a daughter (and four other children, too!) the same age as Bea and is a former micro-preemie mom to boot. She even stayed in the same hospital, in the same antepartdum ward as me before having her children. We are currently working out plans to have dinner together next week! Who knew that not everyone on Craigslist is a crazy murderer.

I'm loving these Pinterest finds for this week:

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

I'm loving that this post was featured under the side bar BlogHer ads for the past two days. I'm so excited that we're getting new readers each day now. Like I've said before, aside from updating you daily on the life of the funniest girl ever, I really hope and pray that our NICU story gives even just one family who's facing a new battle with prematurity comfort and hope; and more importantly, a sense of community. But if you're just here because you stumbled upon us... welcome, too! We'll take all the riff-raff, don't worry :)

And, as always, I'm loving my sweet girl who was sporting a new set of very sassy pajamas last night, which I'm loving right now too. I mean, come on... aren't these the cutest things ever? EVAR:

That's it for this week (at least all that I can think of right now!). What's on your lists?



  1. She is too precious! LOVE Melissa and Doug products!!

  2. Ok you need a Pinterest widget on this blog ASAP! I need to find you on there :)

  3. Great things you are loving today :)

  4. Okay, these are just wonderful things that you're loving. I think I love that tiny little acorn the most!! Happy Wednesday! Looking forward to Friday's confessional linky!