Tuesday, September 20, 2011

We're still here...

So sorry for the non-updates around here lately. As you know, we went out of town this weekend and since we've been back we've dealt with:
  • Food Poisoning from a dodgy hotel-lobby cappuccino  
  • Flight home while recovering from said food poisoning
  • Sick, snotty baby (who recovered after two days)
  • Sick, snotty parents who feel like a Mack Truck has run over us (Why does my Former Preemie recover faster than we do? Where the heck is our immune system response?!?)
  • Coughy, congested Mama (yep, I may or may not be drugged on NyQuil)
  • Laundry from being away all weekend
So... it's been busy around here. I promise (well, I hope) to be up and running and back to status quo. Which, of course, around this family means a messy house, two crazy dogs and dinner which may or may not be cooked. 

Anyway, I'll get photos from this weekend, a new What I'm Loving Wednesday list and an update of the completed mural in Bea's room... all by sometime next week.

Bare with me!


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  1. I find your blog inspiring because my son was born at 34 weeks in early March 2010 - also in the triangle area. I enjoy seeing how well your daughter and family is doing. Audrey