Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Newest Mrs. Collins

This past weekend, we were honored to help welcome the Newest Mrs. Collins into our family. Note: No, we haven't converted to Fundamentalist Mormonism.
The Newest, and prettiest, Mrs. Collins

Casey's little brother, Evan, married his long-time sweetheart, Leah at a vineyard in Northern Virginia:

At first, as you know, I was really hesitant to leave Beatrice Kate for our first weekend away since her birth. How would she do away fro me? How would I do away from her? But in the end, we both did great! Throughout the weekend, my father being the excellent photojournalist that is is, sent Blackberry updates and photographs to help calm any fears I had:
Matching Mohawks a requirement
Apparently, they did a lot of eating, because all of the photos we received were of her stuffing her face:
Tired of the Blackberry Paparazzi already ...

All the way up in Virginia, Casey and I were doing great too. Turns out, a little time away from your offspring does a marriage good :
The wedding and the venue were so beautiful; and it was hard to believe that just a short hour before the ceremony began, it was raining. Hard:

My fabu mother-in-law made the flower ball-hanging-thing (I don't know the classy word for it):

Casey served as the best man, and was so proud to stand beside his brother:
Leah's mother walked her down the aisle:

I was very keen to watch Leah's mom, Elaine, during the ceremony. Leah is her only child, like Bea is to me. I asked her before the ceremony how she was doing, letting her only child get married and move away. I  specifically asked her because I wanted to get a glimpse of the emotions that I'll feel on Beatrice Kate's wedding day. She said something wise and beautiful like, "Oh, you just have to let them go and become individuals.. However, what I wanted to hear was, "Wherever she moves, move in next door." I'm going to be the best worst mother-in-law.

The ceremony had elements of a traditional, church wedding; like vows and ring exchanging:
Wait. Is this the right couple?

But it also had the perfect amount of personalization from Evan and Leah; complete with an off-script, part-time motivational speaker as the preacher:
Funny Man McGee.
And an exchanging of the wine goblet:
Starting this marriage off right.

Naturally, they sealed the deal with a kiss:

After the ceremony and a few hundred feet's walk, we were treated to an elegant reception and lovely table settings. Evan and Leah, being the world travelers they are, matched guests to their dinner tables, by using countries they have visited or lived in over the years:

Of course, there was dancing; even though it was sometimes questionable:
Notice my husband's signature dance move: The Frat Boy Snap.

And car-destroying. Actually, that kind of got out of hand and a little rowdy. Below is the only suitable image I can show that doesn't need a giant "CENSORED" box strategically placed::
Thankfully, the Vineyard had Windex. 'Cause this could get really uncomfortable in the daylight.

There was a little bad behavior all around:
Daddy's off-duty.

And then, we said good-bye and went home the next day in my head. What actually happened is a little less pleasant...After the main event, the wedding party and guests went back to the hotel for an "after-party". For me, this after-party involved a hotel-lobby cappuccino. Exactly 45 minutes after drinking said coffee, a wicked-case of food-poisoning set in and well, the flight home was miserable.

But, we made it and were greeted with not only a happy, spoiled baby; but a shiny new grill and two steaks for grillin':

Seriously? The best babysitters ever? Uh...YUP.

Anyway, congrats Evan and Leah! And, Leah, welcome to the family. You know, that family that I happened to have married into as well :)



  1. lovely photos! and it's called a pomander :)

  2. Great pics. The one of you and Casey is nice!

  3. Yeah for BK and Yeah for y'all! Glad everyone had a good time (except for the food poisoning!)!