Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Lil' Bob Villa ...

Beatrice Kate is clearly my husband's child. Her mind is so much like Casey's engineer and mechanically-detailed brain it's scary. And also, it's awesome. Watching her follow him around the house, putting together furniture and hanging things on the walls is like watching a baby duckling follow it's Mama.

And since Monkey See, Monkey Do... well, that super-awesome-and-safe-but-not-real kid tool kit I bought her last week hasn't filled the power tool-shaped space in her heart. So we're back on the real-deal versions now:
It's like Christmas; only, weirder.

After a quick talk about how to keep the drill bits out of our mouth safety lesson:
That face has TROUBLE written all over it.
She was fully qualified ready to operate things around the house. At least, she seemed to think so:
Yep, everything seems in order. Let's get started.

And just to drive home what really exceptionally stellar parents we are, we took video of our daughter's love of all things drill. Before you press play, there are 5 things you need to know:
  1. She was supervised the entire time (well, through the camera lens, but still being watched)
  2. When things got a little dicey, I took the drill away
  3. Yes, my child wears pants. She had just woken up from nap and thus the WalMart-Baby look she's sporting
  4. Those two large black square things she nearly drills through? Yea, those are our TELEVISION and our leather ottoman. 
  5. Yes, she does refer to me as "Daddy" about halfway through. We're working on that.
*Sigh* Black and Decker, please, help a Mama out and make a fully-functional but still child-safe version of this drill, stat:



  1. Look at the excitement! SO cute! And? Her shirt says "The Bea Team"? That's even cuter! Seriously though, I don't know why Black and Decker doesnt make a baby set of power tools. They would make millions.