Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Confessionals: Unnecessary Usage of the Preemie Card


It's Friday! Aside from being my favorite day of the week (with Saturday in a close second, of course), Friday now gives us the opportunity to showcase one example of how your life isn't as picturesque as blogging makes it out to be. Because, let's face it- no one's house is really that clean all the time, right? RIGHT!?!

So what's my confession this week? I pulled the Preemie Card on an unsuspecting waitress.

Here's the story:
Since we just moved into a new-ish city, we've been trying out new restaurants around town. One of these restaurants happens to be a German-cuisine dining experience, complete with the "Tavern Look" and giant beer steins. You get the idea.

Anyway, we get seated and as I'm getting Bea' situated in her booster seat, I go to apply a disposable placemat (similar to this one). That's when the waitress says something like, "Hey can you not use that, the adhesive tears up our table cloths".

Looking down at the table cloth (which was just a sheet of plastic over some German flags) I weighed the alternatives: Sit next to Bea, holding down a plate while she eats to keep her from launching it onto the floor OR I could let her eat off the dirty table cloth; which the waitress said she would, "wipe down". (I've seen the rags they wipe down tables with- she wasn't using it on my child's eating surface).

Neither  of those options ounded appealing, especially when I could just peel and stick a clean table topper onto the table and Bea could feed herself until her little belly was full. Sooooo.... I pulled the Preemie Card.

I calmly said to the waitress, "Um, she was a very premature baby and can't be exposed to the germs that would live on your tables or in your dish rags. I'm sorry, but we have to use this; it's practically her doctor's orders."

Now, you know as well I as I do, that it wasn't doctor's orders; unless that doctor went to the same school as Dr. Pepper or Dr. Dre or Dr. Phil. But in that moment, all I could see were the grimy tiny germs dancing around on the table cloth waving at me. There was no way I could let her eat off the table. I did what I had to do,.

Yes, I could have just held down the plate, and looking back; I should have. The table topper is just so darn convenient, but did leave a residue on the table cloth. Don't worry, I politely got out a little hand sanitizer and the alcohol dissolved it away.

I do feel guilty about exaggerating and I feel even more guilty for using my child's health history to get my way.

So there you have it: I'm manipulative. Now it's your turn to come clean with just one measly way that your life is perfectly imperfect...

There are only two rules to this link-up:
1) Please odn't go confessing to anything majorly serious (like, oh, I don't know; a felony)
2) Be sure to link back to our blog and include the handy-dandy blog button at the top of the page (Just highlight the code, press Ctl+C, and copy into you "Edit HTML" tab)

**If you don't have a blog, but still want to participate, leave your confession in the Comments section below! And, even if you're not a mom or a homemaker, I'm sure there are still a few ways which your life isn't always glamorous, huh? Oh, please tell me that's the truth!


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