Thursday, September 29, 2011

Following the leader...

Beatrice Kate has always been a very good mimic. It's only been lately, however, that Casey and I have had to take notice and edit the things we say and do around her. That's because it will surely be repeated (in public) later. I was trying to think of how to best showcase my little mockingbird and I can think of four really good, recent examples that highlight her.... uh, abilities?:
  1. The Target Poo: Two weeks ago, Bea and I ran into Target for a (supposed) quick trip. Usually, I wait to do any errands until after her morning, well, diaper change. But this morning, it was starting to get on to near 11; and that's just pushing it too close to lunch and naptimes! So, I did what any responsible parent would do- we went on our merry way. About 15 minutes into the Target experience, I see The Face. I knew it was about to be Go-Time so I began to wrap up my browsing; hoping to make it back to the car before a blow-out. No such luck and before I knew it, she was stinking it up. To make matters worse, after she was... finished, she started waving her hands around shouting, "Shew, Shew, Stink, Shew, Stinky Stink". It caused quite a scene with the mid-day Old Lady Shopping Crowd. I could tell the moment that they entered the "Stink Bubble" and it went from "Oh, sweet baby talking and being cute" to "Oh, Dear. Lord. What is that?!?" We paid as quick as we could and got the Hades out of there.

    I couldn't figure out where Bea had learned to equate Pooping with "Shew" until the next stinky diaper change, when I found myself saying, "Shew, Stinky" and joking around with her. Uh, Bingo! I'm trying to limit my editorials now during diaper changes.

  2.  The Pity Party: This weekend,while driving back from my mothers, Beatrice Kate had a Mother-of-All Meltdowns about having to sit in her car seat while driving (I know, we're The Meanest Parents in the World, remember?) Eventually, through all the tantrum and wailing, we figured out that she was saying, "So Sad. It's soooo sad. Sad. I'm sad" That would be because my loving husband tries not to give into her tantrums over silly things (like riding in a car seat or wearing a diaper) and often jokes with her by saying, "Oh, it's so sad. BeaBea is just so sad".

  3. Affrin Addict: We've been recovering from an Epic Cold here at the Collins House. My husband, Casey, likes to combat a sniffley nose with Saline Spray. At some point, Beatrice Kate must have been watching him because she brought over the bottle last night; and before handing it over, tried to sniff a little spray in her own nose! It was cute; but also a good reminder to keep any and everything potentially harmful out of her little grabby reach. 'Cause really, nobody wants to be the Mom that calls poison control because their kid gets Mentholatum in her eyes. Note: Daddy, I'm looking straight at you.

  4. Phone Operator: Even though Casey's office is only 2 minutes away, we often talk throughout the day on the phone. Usually it's just for quick things and nearly every time, we'll end the call with "Ok, I love you, Bye!" This morning, Beatrice Kate picked up my iPhone and started carrying it around saying, "Hello, Dad. Love, Bye". It was so sweet! Now, I just need to make a mental note never to fuss at him when she's within earshot.
It's so much fun (and also, so scary) to watch Bea pick up on things so quickly. She's certainly got her own personality, but she is obviously influenced by us. It's a good reminder to start modeling good behaviors for her and edit ourselves when we want to act on bad ones.

Like this little habit, she picked up from her father:

What funny things have your kids mimicked from you? 



  1. This is great! LOL!!!! Keep em' comin'.

  2. HAHAHA the target story is just too funny. And the way she picked up the iphone and mimicked your convo with the hubby would've made my heart melt! While I hate the idea of Baby J getting to be so big, I can't wait until I have stories like these!

  3. Soo sad. It's soo sad! Awww poor thing!! *laughs* Her parents are just so cruel!

  4. Megan likes to announce to everyone that she has pooped as well. Last week at church she announced " I tooted...tada". I am pretty sure I was a hundred shades of red.

    Wanted to let you know I awarded you the Versatile Blogger award over at my blog if you wanted to check it out.