Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday ...

It's Wednesday! And that means, it's time for a little list of what I'm loving this week ...

First up, I'm loving that I may have found a small group of moms here in Durham to link in to. On the advice of some of my neighbors, I joined the Durham Mother's Club. Man, was it worth it! At the orientation yesterday, Beatrice Kate and I met several great moms and tots around Bea's age.

I'm loving the fact that our new Crate and Barrel furniture came in yesterday! I'll take and showcase pictures of everything once we get the entire room set up, BUT... it looks AB. FAB. And, the delivery guys were early. When does that ever happen?!?

I'm loving this new conditioner that I bought at Target:
 I've been growing my hair out since before Bea was born and it's SUPER long now. I have grand plans of chopping it all off this winter and donating it (more on that later) but until then, I needed some help with The Tangles. This did the trick.

I'm loving the fact that I've started Bea's wall mural this week. Here's an "in process" photo:
It has a long way until it's done but I think it's going to be super cute once I get it all painted and glittered up (yep, I'm adding glitter!). Her room is actually my project right now and I can't wait to show off pictures when everything is finished.

On a related note, I'm loving my Pinterest finds this week for Bea's room re-do:

I'm really, really loving a web site named, Tea Collection. I'm sure you've probably heard of them; but they're a great clothing company that makes unique pieces for children. I'm trying really hard not to spend all of Casey's paycheck on one site. But these things make it so hard to say no:

And as always, I'm loving my sweet girl, Beatrice Kate, who recently has been more than uncomfortable with not one but two emerging molars coming through this week. She's been... a bit of a pill this week. Poor baby. Poor Mommy:



  1. The wall mural looks amazing! I'm sure her room will be perfect:) I also love the Tea comfy for the little ones. Bless little Bea's heart with her emerging teeth...poor thing! Have a great Wednesday.

  2. Oh wow, that mural is going to be fantastic! You go girl!

  3. that mural is going to be amazing!! I know just how you feel with the teething, my sweet bug has been cutting two this last week and she has been such a grumpopotamus.

  4. I love the mural! So amazing! I've never heard of that baby clothing website--but their things are so so cute!!

  5. Wow- you are super talented!! The wall mural is looking great!!! Bea's room is going to be precious!! What a pretty little girl you have!! Poor baby getting those molars. Teething is hard stuff! =)

  6. Ok girl clothes are WAY better than boy clothes. So stinkin' cute. Also, I want to find you on Pinterest. I am slightly addicted.

  7. I am loving all your cute little pin finds... They are darlin...

  8. Don't you just love it when you find great hair products? There are little feelings better than that in the world :) And, those pins?! ADORABLE! Can't wait to find you on Pinterest!